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Star Sign Tattoos for March | Buy the Intenze Zuper Black online


At Magnum Tattoo Supplies, we love a good horoscope tattoo, and the Star Sign representing the latter half of March makes for a really great tattoo subject matter!  Aries is the first zodiac sign, which rules over March and April, and is typically symbolized by a ram.  A fire sign which is ruled by Mars,  Aries people are said to be fiercely independent, as well as being generous and kind.  Their independent nature can make them slightly impetuous meaning they often make snap decisions without thinking.  

There are plenty of great options for tattoos for an Aries.  The ram, a set of horns, and the Aries glyph which looks like a ‘V’ shape, representing the horns of the ram, and of course these can be portrayed in all manner of styles, and sizes.  Glyph tattoos are a great idea for those who don’t want to commit to anything to large or noticeable, and a small black symbol on the wrist is a really cute way to show off your star sign in tattoo form!  If you’re looking for a brilliant black ink for creating star sign tattoos then you can buy Intenze Zuper Black online over on our website.  If it’s your time to shine this month as an Aries, then make sure you check out these amazing Aries tattoos that we’ve came across!

First up, a beautiful Aries tattoo featuring an ethereal ram. The multicoloued watercolour style frame makes this look really dreamy which is perfect for zodiac lovers! Artist unknown. 


In contrast, this Aries piece is really dark!  The red eyes of the ram give it a really creepy feel, and of course they look great with the red ‘Aries’ script. Artist unknown. 


A beautifully intricate Aries glyph, along with the Aries star constellation carefully placed behind it.  This is the perfect tattoo for someone who wants something a bit more delicate. Artist unknown. 

We love this etchy blackwork ram head.  It’s a really cool style which seems to be gaining a lot more popularity of recent. Artist unknown. 

This ram head is insane!  It has such a strong and powerful feel to it, and it’s shaded wonderfully. Artist unknown. 

This one is definitely one of our favourites!  A really dark ram head with some incredible negative spacing in the form of the Aries constellation.  It’s such a cool idea for an Aries tattoo. Artist unknown. 


If it’s your birthday anytime soon and you’re going to be getting an Aries tattoo then why not get in touch and let us know.  We’d love to see the finished piece.  Just leave us a comment in the box below!  For any tattoo artists wanting to create mystical blackwork or star sign glyph tattoos then we’d highly recommend you check out our website where you can buy Intenze Zuper Black online – the darkest and smoothest of blacks! 

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  • Antonia McLoughlin