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MTS Blog — Environmentally friendly tattoo supplies


Environmentally Friendly Tattooing - Buy Eco-friendly and Vegan Tattoo Supplies 0

Like with many global industries, the tattoo industry generates billions of pounds each year, but it's no surprise to know that the tattoo industry also contributes a huge amount of waste. Although there are many tattoo studios out there who are environmentally conscious people who passionate about doing their bit for the environment, a tattoo session can sometimes unavoidably fill a bin bag full of waste. 

Friday 13th Tattoos for December | Environmentally Friendly ClipCord Sleeves from EcoTat 0

The month of December saw another Friday the 13th, the second and last one of 2019 (which funnily enough falls exactly 13 weeks after the last one!). Friday the 13th is quite often a big day for tattoo artists as it’s a day that’s heavily associated with the tattoo community. ‘Friday 13th tattoos’ have become immensely popular, with tattoo artists offering a limited selection of set flash which is often loosely based around the number ‘13’ or has some kind of lucky element to it. As £13 is a really small amount to charge for a tattoo, many artists will charge £31 for their Friday 13th designs, which seems much fairer!