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MTS Blog — halloween tattoo


The Meaning Behind Common Halloween Tattoos 0

Here at Magnum Tattoo Supplies, we will be running through a list of common halloween tattoo's and their meanings!

The association with death conjures up a whole range of imagery, particularly skeletons and ghosts. Graves and cemeteries, for example, are great subject matter for designing Halloween symbols since they are spooky and have a connection to death.

Halloween-themed Kewpie Tattoos That Are Cute 'N Creepy - Buy Flesh Tone Tattoo Ink Online 0

Spooky season is here! Halloween-themed tattoos are surfacing all over Instagram, and we're seeing a lot of cute and creepy Kewpie tattoos in the mix.  It may be the spookiest season of the year filled with horror films, scary outfits and ghostly decorations, but it's also the perfect excuse to get an adorable tattoo - which can be equal parts creepy and cute!  

Mindblowing Pumpkin Art This Halloween - Buy UK Tattoo Supplies Online 0

We're all for anything spooky and Halloween related here at Magnum Tattoo Supplies, and it's not just tattoo related content that we're loving right now.  We've spotted some incredible Pumpkin Art recently, and it's the perfect way for people of all ages to get creative whilst getting into the Halloween spirit!  

Fantastically Creepy Halloween Tattoos | Disposable Black Rinse Cups 0

It's less than a week away until Halloween, and we're seriously getting into the spooky Halloween spirit.  Fans of this incredibly creepy time of year excitedly queuing up for horror flash done by their favourite artists, and meticulously planning horror themed sleeves that show off the spookiest of devilishly frightening horror characters. 

At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where we stock disposable black rinse cups, we're huge lovers of Halloween, and Halloween-themed tattoos, so we've rounded up a range of awesome Halloweeny tattoos to get you in the mood for next Thursday.  Check out this collection of fabulous pieces. 

Season of the Witch - Wonderful Witch Tattoos | Intenze Ink range 0

The season of the witch is upon us!  It's almost October, and Halloween is just around the corner, and we couldn't help but notice that there are a little more Halloween and horror tattoos floating around recently amidst this spooky time of year. 

Witches have always been heavily associated with Halloween, and a witches outfit is definitely one of the go-to Halloween outfits that can be crafted easily from a bin liner!  The idea of witchcraft, wizardry, and the dark arts is just fascinating, and as a supplier of Obsidian Black Tattoo Ink, we love all things dark, especially when it comes to tattoo themes, so we're taking a look at some wonderful witch tattoos to get in the mood for Halloween.  Why not check them out here?

Menacing Michael Myers Tattoos | Ink-Eeze Pink Glide 0

Last week saw the release of the latest offering from John Carpenter – a brand new Halloween film (just in time for October 31st!).  There’s been many Halloween films over the years. Sequels, prequels, and remakes, each one just as menacing and jumpy as the last, with Michael Myers just as terrifying as ever! Rob Zombie even directed a couple of Halloween films (which we think were excellent), and the franchise literally keeps on going.  The new film of course sees Jamie Lee Curtis battling with her evil brother in a fight for survival as he raises Hell throughout Haddonfield.