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MTS Blog — Myke Chambers Traditional Colour Set from Eternal Tattoo Ink


Cool Hot Stuff Tattoos | Buy the Myke Chambers Trad Set from Eternal Ink 0

If you're a fan of traditional tattoos then you're sure to be familiar with a certain little red devil, known as 'Hot Stuff'.  Hot Stuff the Little Red Devil is a cartoon character, masterminded by Warren Kramer back in 1957.  Since then, he's became a classic theme in American tattooing.  

He may look devilish, but this cute and cuddly devil who is always depicted in his white diaper quite often has a happy and smiley expression on his little face, and is actually known for doing good deeds.  He normally carries his gold pitchfork, his 'trusty trident' everywhere he goes. 

Happy Birthday Sailor Jerry | Myke Chambers Traditional Colour Set from Eternal Tattoo Ink 0

Last week was the birthday of one of the most iconic tattoo artists to ever grace the tattoo industry. The 14th January was Norman Keith Collins’ birthday. More famously known as Sailor Jerry, Collins made his mark on the tattoo industry in the early 1900s.  Sailor Jerry is known to be one of the most prominent and influential tattoo artists in the industry. Even years after Collin's era, tattoo artists are still widely referencing his work today, immortalising Collin's name in the tattoo world, and carrying on his legacy.