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Cool Hot Stuff Tattoos | Buy the Myke Chambers Trad Set from Eternal Ink


If you're a fan of traditional tattoos then you're sure to be familiar with a certain little red devil known as 'Hot Stuff'.  Hot Stuff the Little Red Devil is a cartoon character, masterminded by Warren Kramer back in 1957.  Since then, he's become a classic theme in American tattooing.  

He may look devilish, but this cute and cuddly little guy who is always depicted in his white diaper quite often has a happy and smiley expression on his face, and is actually known for doing good deeds.  He normally carries his gold pitchfork, his 'trusty trident' everywhere he goes. 

Hot Stuff is such a versatile little character who makes for a brilliant traditional tattoo, and tattoo artists will often add their own spin to Hot Stuff, giving him a new personality by dressing him in biker clothes, letting him ride on eagles, and there's even a female version of Hot Stuff that is popular in tattoo culture.  If you're into all things Americana, then why not check out the Myke Chambers Trad Set which is available on our website, and make sure you check out these cheeky Hot Stuff tattoos.. 

Hot Stuff riding a panther, by Xam. 

Hot Stuff playing the trumpet, by Jang Yongbin. 
Caveman Hot Stuff, done by Danny Reed, of 'Hot Stuff Tattoo'. 

Hot Stuff and Casper, another one by Jang Yongbin.

Hot Stuff the Punk, by Mario Espolaor.

Hot Stuff riding his pitchfork, by @lord_tattooer.

A rather cheeky looking Hot Stuff, done by Danny Galluzzo.

A traditional bright red Hot Stuff done by Stef Neale. 
So there you have it, some incredible Hot Stuff tattoos, inspired by the humorous little cartoon from the 50's.  We'd absolutely love to hear from you if you've created any cheeky Hot Stuff tattoos, so why not get in touch and show us?  Leave us a comment in the box below!  If you're into old school tattoos then make sure you check out the perfect ink set for traditional tattooing - the Myke Chambers Trad Set from Eternal Ink is available to purchase on our website now. 



Love Toni



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  • Antonia McLoughlin