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MTS Blog — radiant tattoo ink in flaming red


Brilliant Barbecue Tattoos | Radiant Tattoo Ink in Flaming Red 0

One thing we Brits love about summer is a good barbecue. Many people eagerly await that perfect summer’s day where the sunshine is glorious (and there’s no sign of rain) to plan the perfect barbecue feast with friends and family. The 4th July celebrations on the other side of the pond will certainly have seen lots of traditional American style barbecues last weekend, and with the heatwave we’re experiencing in the UK at the moment, we’re sure to see (and smell) plenty more barbecues in the coming weeks! 

Whether you’re a fan of gas barbecues, or if you prefer a traditional coal fire style barbecue, barbecues are a great opportunity to socialise and experience some amazing food. Some enjoy barbecuing so much, they’d call it a passion, and others take it that one step further by branding their love for barbecuing on themselves with a barbecue themed tattoo!