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MTS Blog — tattoos in the workplace


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This month, we were pleased to learn that airline company Air New Zealand has made the decision to end the ban on staff having visible tattoos. This, according to Air New Zealand has been done in a bid to allow staff to 'express cultural and individual diversity'., and to liberate their employees.   There are plenty of New Zealanders who want to be able to pay homage to their Maori heritage and have tattoos that proudly express their genealogy. So, as of September, all employees will be able to display 'non-offensive' tattoos in their place of work. 

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Not too long ago we talked about tattoos in the workplace, and how having visible tattoos on your body (not just hands, neck, face), but other places that are technically easy to cover can have a negative impact on how you're viewed whilst at work, and at job interviews for potential work.  Unfortunately in this day and age tattoos are still somewhat stigmatised, especially when it comes to 'workplace professionalism', and tattoos are still wrongly discriminated against.  However, an article I recently read actually concludes that in some cases, tattoos can be a very good thing when it comes to job interviews and how you're viewed in the workplace!

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A topic of discussion that frequently tends to crop between my friends and I, is tattoos in the workplace.  Now, I understand that depending on the industry you work in, tattoos will either be accepted, frowned upon, or just totally unacceptable.  Certain workplaces don’t openly welcome or encourage body art, but because of the nature of the job, they can’t, and won’t discriminate against it, while others simply will not employ people based on their appearance.  I recently read an article about a petition that’s been formed in Canada to make it illegal to discriminate against people with tattoos, and it really got me thinking about the tattoo discrimination that still takes place in the UK today.