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MTS Blog — the scream tattoo


'The Scream' painting immortalised in the form of tattoos | Talens Black Drawing Ink 0

I'm a massive lover of art, and I recently visited The National Museum of Oslo during my visit to Norway last weekend.  There were so many beautiful paintings there done by Norwegian artists, and there was plenty of impressive Renaissance art there that was created by some of the masters of Norwegian art, so it was a really breathtaking experience.  Although I love Renaissance art and oil paintings, and I am completely in awe of the mastery and skill that has gone into this particular medium, my favourite painting (and the focal piece of the museum) is The Scream, by expressionist painter Edvard Munch.  There were 4 versions of this piece by Munch, done with paints and pastels, and it was really exciting to be able to encounter one of these pieces!  

It's such an iconic piece of art, so it wasn't surprising for me to learn that there are some tattoo fans out there who loved the Munch painting that much that they decided to immortalise the art work on their skin.