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Ed Sheeran's eclectic tattoo collection unveiled


British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran is as well-known for his chart-topping hits as he is for his extensive and eclectic tattoo collection. Each piece of ink adorning his body tells a story, marking significant milestones, personal memories, and the things he loves. From tributes to his music career to nods toward his personal life and whimsical preferences, Sheeran's tattoos form a tapestry that offers an intimate glimpse into his journey.

Recently, Sheeran unveiled new additions to his already impressive array of ink, captivating fans and sparking curiosity about the stories behind each design. Let's delve into the fascinating world of Ed Sheeran's tattoos and uncover the meanings that lie beneath the surface.

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How many tattoos does Ed Sheeran have?

Ed Sheeran is known for his extensive collection of 60 tattoos, each with its own unique story or significance. These tattoos cover a wide range of subjects, including personal milestones, memories, and tributes to his music career. It's worth noting that the exact number can change as he may have added more tattoos since then.

Ed Sheeran's tattoos include a lion on his chest, which he got to commemorate his sold-out shows at Wembley Stadium, various pieces inspired by his albums and songs, and other artworks that have personal meanings to him.

Kevin Paul, Sheeran's tattoo artist, shed light on the meanings behind some of the musician's notable inkings in an interview with GQ magazine in 2020. Paul, who has also tattooed celebrities like Rihanna, unveiled the stories behind Sheeran's tattoos, offering insights into the intricate designs adorning the singer-songwriter's body.

The process of creating Sheeran's tattoo collection has been a labour of love, with his tattooist, Kevin Paul, dedicating approximately 40 hours to the intricate artistry involved in bringing Sheeran's vision to life.

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Ed Sheeran's chest tattoos

Ed Sheeran's chest tattoo is a large, colourful depiction of a lion. He got this tattoo to commemorate his significant achievement of selling out three consecutive nights at Wembley Stadium in 2015. The lion, often associated with strength, courage, and the English national identity, symbolises the milestone in his career and is among the most meaningful to him, despite the mixed reactions it received from the public.

This tattoo is a testament to Sheeran's personal victories and his way of memorialising those moments that hold great importance in his life.

Ed Sheeran's left arm tattoos

Ed Sheeran's left arm is adorned with a collection of tattoos, each reflecting personal stories, memories, and tributes. These are some of the notable tattoos on his left arm:

  • Jigsaw Pieces: Jigsaw tattoo represents friendship and connection with those close to him, with some pieces reserved for significant people in his life.
  • Koala: Celebrates his time touring in Australia, showing appreciation for the country and its fans.
  • Kiwi Bird: A tribute to his New Zealand fans, commemorating his experiences there.
  • Teacup: Symbolises his love for tea.
  • Blue Angel Wings: The blue angel wing tattoo on the left forearm holds special significance for Ed Sheeran, symbolizing a lyric from his hit song "The A-Team." This tattoo serves as a tribute to commemorate the success of his debut single, which made its way onto American radio stations in May 2012.
  • Paw Print: This might represent his affection for animals or a specific pet.
  • Green Leaves: Could symbolise nature, growth, or a personal memory related to nature.
  • Snowflake: Ed Sheeran sports a blue snowflake tattoo on his left forearm, symbolizing his time spent with Snow Patrol during Spring 2012.
  • Stereo Buttons: A nod to his career in music.
  • Lego Man: Reflects his song "Lego House" or could symbolise childhood nostalgia.
  • Heinz Ketchup Logo: The presence of the Heinz Ketchup logo in his tattoos is a clear indication of Ed Sheeran's well-known affection for the ketchup.
  • Maple Leaf: Ed Sheeran's tattoo of a maple leaf near his left wrist pays homage to his inaugural concert in Canada and his Canadian fan base. Inked in June 2012 prior to a music award show performance, it stands as a symbol of appreciation and tribute to his supporters from the country.
  • Rolling Stones Tribute: Shows admiration for the legendary rock band.
  • Damien Rice's Autograph: Pays homage to one of his musical inspirations.
  • Puss in Boots and the Gingerbread Man from "Shrek": Indicates his fondness for these characters or the personal significance they hold.
  • The Earth: This could symbolise his travels or a reminder of his global impact.
  • Pingu's tattoos: Reflect his affection for the childhood television character.
  • Portion of Van Gogh's "Starry Night": Ed Sheeran's right arm features a permanent tattoo of the Starry Night artwork, paying homage to Vincent van Gogh's gift to his father and serving as a tribute to Don McLean's song "Vincent," which Sheeran performed in May 2012, as the song's album cover depicts the same artwork.
  • "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" Logo: "PRINCE" inked on his left forearm is the logo from "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," one of Ed Sheeran's favorite TV shows, which he got while on tour in Philadelphia in Autumn 2012.
  • Plus Sign (+): This represents his debut album "+" and its impact on his career.

Ed Sheeran's right arm tattoos

Ed Sheeran's right arm is adorned with a variety of tattoos, each carrying its unique story and significance, much like those on his left arm but with its distinct collection. These are some of the notable tattoos on his right arm:

  • Henri Matisse's Line Drawing: A tribute to his mother, this tattoo is based on a sketch by the French artist Henri Matisse that depicts a mother embracing her child. This mother and child portrait tattoo symbolises Sheeran's appreciation and love for his mother, and the piece holds sentimental value as it was one of the first gifts he purchased for her with his earnings.
  • Red Heart: Could symbolise love or passion. The specific meaning behind this tattoo is personal to Sheeran.
  • Green Gecko: A green gecko inked on his right forearm symbolizes wisdom and good fortune, a tattoo Ed Sheeran got in 2014.
  • Pair of Glasses: This might be a nod to his signature look or symbolise his perspective on life.
  • Words "Kool Guy": "Kool Guy" is inked on his right bicep under the teddy bear tattoo, a design by John Mayer, revealed during an appearance on the LATE LATE SHOW where both artists agreed to get tattoos designed by each other, with Mayer opting for "KOOL GUY" with an upward-facing arrow for Ed Sheeran.
  • Phoenix: "Phoenix" inked on his right forearm symbolises hope for Ed Sheeran, inspired by the myth of the fiery bird rising from the ashes.
  • Word "Mug": The specific meaning is unclear but could be an inside joke or personal reference.
  • Three-Leaf Clover with Irish Flag Colours: A tribute to his grandfather, symbolising his Irish heritage and family ties.
  • Three Boxing Gloves: Commemorates the three nights Sheeran sold out Madison Square Garden in New York City, a significant achievement in his career.
  • Giant Family Tree: Represents Sheeran's roots and the importance of family in his life.
  • Teddy Bear: A nod to his nickname, "Teddy," indicating a personal aspect of his identity or a cherished memory.


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Ed Sheeran's body tattoos

Ed Sheeran's body is a canvas of storytelling, with each tattoo marking significant personal experiences, relationships, and milestones. Beyond his arms, Ed has adorned other parts of his body with meaningful tattoos:

  • Sagrada Família on Stomach: This tattoo of the iconic church located in Barcelona, Spain, could symbolise Sheeran's appreciation for art, architecture or a memorable visit to the city.
  • Shark on Stomach: The specific meaning behind the shark tattoo is not publicly known but could represent a personal interest or experience.
  • "LADZ on TOUR" on Left Shoulder Blade: Inked during his tour with British band Rixton, this tattoo commemorates the camaraderie and memories made with fellow musicians on the road.
  • "Red" on Left Shoulder: A tribute to Taylor Swift and her album of the same name, marking the friendship and professional bond they share from touring together.
  • Broken Heart Enclosed in a No Entry Sign on Abdomen: Ed Sheeran inked a broken heart with a no entry sign on his lower abdomen, referencing his song "Hearts Don’t Break Around Here".
  • Grammy Award on Abdomen: Likely a celebration of his achievements in the music industry, including Grammy wins.
  • Row of Flowers, Tree, and Others on Abdomen: These tattoos might represent personal symbols, nature's beauty, or specific memories.

Recent additions to Ed Sheeran's tattoo collection include:

  • Orca Tattoo: A tribute to his daughter, Lyra Antarctica, symbolising something deeply personal and connected to her.
  • Pair of Vampire Teeth: Commemorates the release of his single "Bad Habits," showing his tendency to mark career milestones through tattoos.

Does Ed Sheeran have ketchup tattoos?

Ed Sheeran has a tattoo of the Heinz ketchup logo on his arm. This tattoo is a testament to his well-documented love for ketchup. He's often shared his affection for the condiment in interviews and on social media, making it one of the more whimsical and personal tattoos in his extensive collection. The ketchup bottle tattoo is a playful nod to something ordinary that holds special meaning for him, highlighting how his tattoos range from deeply personal and significant to light-hearted and fun.

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Ed Sheeran's tattoo collection is more than just body art; it's a narrative of his life, passions, and the moments that have shaped him. Each tattoo carries a piece of Sheeran's story, making his skin a living, breathing autobiography.

In unveiling his eclectic tattoos, Sheeran allows fans a closer look at the man behind the music, revealing the depth of his experiences, the breadth of his interests, and the intensity of his commitments.

Through his tattoos, Ed Sheeran expresses not only his artistic sensibilities but also his profound connection to the world around him, making his body a canvas of personal significance.


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