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The best Invictus Games tattoos: A symbol of hope and recovery


As the world eagerly anticipates the commencement of this year's Invictus Games, an international sporting event, it's a fitting moment to cast our minds back to the unforgettable tales from the previous year. The Invictus Games, beyond the thrill of the competition, have always been about the indomitable spirit, resilience, and personal stories of triumph from the incredible participants.

One intimate way these tales are told is through the inked designs that adorn the bodies of many competitors. Tattoo ink, like a silent orator, whispers a story.

Here, we revisit some of the most profound tattoo stories from last year that not only inspired thousands but also set the tone for what promises to be another memorable Invictus Games story.


silhouette picture of standing people


Krystal van Dinter: Symbols of strength and memory

Krystal van Dinter is a powerful woman from the Netherlands who joined the military when she was just 17 years old. Her life took a hard turn in 2007 because of a harmful attack. But even when times were tough, she found ways to keep going. And she chose to wear her life stories not just in her heart but on her skin through her tattoos.

  • Son's face tattoo: This is more than a tattoo for Krystal; it’s a symbol of her unyielding strength. Depicting her son's visage it stands as a testament to the bond they share and how he became her anchor in trying times.
  • "2014" calendar tattoo: Some dates stay in your memory forever. For Krystal, the year 2014 is special because that’s when her son was born. She marked this happy time with a calendar tattoo.
  • Face of a silencing woman tattoo: Advocating the virtue of silence, this tattoo is a gentle reminder that sometimes, one needs to listen more and speak less. It's a testament to patience and the art of letting life unfold.
  • "Veni, Vidi, Vici" tattoo: These iconic Latin words, translating to "I came, I saw, I conquered", is more than just an affirmation for Krystal. Each letter etched is a tribute to her relentless spirit, a daily reminder of the battles she's faced head-on and triumphed over, setting an example for all.
  • Map tattoo: Our past shapes us, the present defines us, and the future holds our dreams. The map on Krystal's body is an intimate portrayal of her life's journey, reflecting her roots, her current sojourn, and the aspirations she's yet to chase.
  • Date of the attack tattoo: Discreetly placed on the back of her hand, this tattoo marks the tragic day of the Deh Rawod attack. It serves as a subtle, daily reminder of the adversities she’s faced and her resolution to move forward.

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Lasse Jakobsen: Tattoos of triumph over trials

Hailing from Denmark, Lasse Jakobsen's journey took a sharp turn when a grenade attack damaged both his legs. Yet, even in the aftermath, Lasse's spirit refused to waver. Finding his way to the Invictus Games, Lasse saw it as a journey back to his roots, a return to his comrades, where there were no pretences, just raw, authentic bonds of brotherhood.

  • Deployment and injury dates tattoo: Each date etched on Lasse's skin is a silent testament to his resilience. They aren't mere dates but markers of his bravery during deployment, his eventual homecoming, and the moment that tested his spirit, forever changing his life.
  • Child's face tattoo: In the eyes of his child, Lasse finds endless wells of hope and determination. This portrait on his skin is more than just an image; it's a daily reminder of the bright sparks of happiness that await him each day.
  • Two-faced man tattoo: To the world, Lasse might appear jovial, but this design unveils his internal battles and the anguish he combats daily.
  • Valkyrie in Nordic Mythology tattoo: In the annals of Nordic legends, the Valkyries have the power to bring back the fallen. Lasse's tattoo stands as a symbol of his undying resolve. It's a testament to his dream of bouncing back, of once again embracing life's beautiful, simple moments, especially those shared with his beloved children.

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Thierry Dutrieux: An invincible spirit

Thierry Dutrieux is more than just a Belgian competitor; he's a beacon of resilience. Fate tested him when an unforeseen train during his training forced him to make a split-second decision.

Tragically, he lost an arm in that fleeting moment, but what he gained was an unparalleled spirit of determination and grit. He joined the Invictus Games not just for himself but to motivate the world, proving that even sick servicemen or injured troops don't give up.

  • Customised "Invictus" tattoo: More than just a design, Thierry's tattoo is a testament to his unwavering fighting spirit. The sword, a symbol of strength and valour, combined with the font of his own choosing, paints a vivid picture of a man who refuses to be defined by his circumstances but by his unwavering resolve.
  • "Survivor" tattoo: Having endured multiple accidents, Thierry proudly sports this emblem. It signifies his resilience, reminding us that challenges in the military or life, are but stepping stones for him.

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What sports are part of the Invictus Games?

The Invictus Games, an international multi-sport event, were founded by Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, in which wounded, injured, and sick service personnel and their associated veterans participate in sports. The name "Invictus" is Latin for "Unconquered" or "Undefeated," symbolising the spirit of these competitors. Modeled after the Warrior Games in the US, the sports included in the Invictus Games have varied slightly with each edition, but generally, they include:

  • Archery: Competitors use bows to shoot arrows at targets.
  • Athletics (track and field): This includes various track and field events such as running, discus, shot put, and more.
  • Indoor rowing: Athletes use indoor rowing machines to compete in various distance challenges.
  • Jaguar land rover driving challenge: A precision driving challenge more about skill and accuracy than speed.
  • Wheelchair basketball: Played by two teams of five players, it's similar to traditional basketball but played entirely in wheelchairs.
Wheelchair basketball


  • Powerlifting: Athletes lift weights in bench press competitions.
  • Road cycling: Including time trials and criterium on road bikes and handcycles.
  • Sitting volleyball: Played by teams of six on a smaller volleyball court. Players must have a portion of their body in contact with the floor when they hit the ball.
  • Swimming: Athletes compete in various distance events in the pool.
  • Wheelchair rugby: A team sport where points are scored by carrying the ball over the opposing team's goal line. It's a contact sport, and physical collisions between wheelchairs are an integral part of the game.
  • Wheelchair tennis: Similar to lawn tennis but adapted for those in wheelchairs.

Looking forward to Invictus Games 2023

As we stand on the cusp of another Invictus Games, these stories from yesteryear remind us that it's not just about the medals or the fanfare. It's about the human spirit, resilience, and the stories of real heroes, both on and off the field. The ink might be permanent, but so is their indomitable spirit.

As we tune in to this year's Games and for more future games, let's cheer, support, and find inspiration, for the Invictus spirit is a testament to the unconquerable soul within us all.


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