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Magnum reviews: Dragonhawk Mast Cartridges for tattoos & PMU


Imagine striving to create flawless tattoos, intricate lip liner, or realistic hairline replication, only to be held back by equipment that falls short of your artistic vision. Uneven lines, fading colours, and inconsistent outcomes can quickly turn a masterpiece into a disappointment, causing frustration and impacting your credibility as an artist.

In this review article, we're looking at Dragonhawk's Mast line of PMU and tattoo cartridges to see if they truly deliver on their promise of quality.

About Dragonhawk

Dragonhawk, established in 2001, aimed to revolutionise the tattoo industry through innovation and quality. Catering to beginners and experts alike, their range of products is tailored to the art of tattooing, reflecting their deep passion for the craft. With recognition as a market leader since 2006, they prioritise the highest quality and medical standards for tattoo equipment.

Over the past decade, Dragonhawk has developed reliable tattoo machines, safe needles, and practical accessories that adapt to artists' evolving needs. Their reputation for premium quality, reliability, efficiency, reasonable pricing, and user-friendliness is evident through their growing customer base.

Key features of Mast Pro Tattoo Needle Cartridges

Crafted with high-density clear plastic bodies, these cartridges offer exceptional tension for prolonged machine performance. Dragonhawk Mast needles are reliable and perfect for all-purpose work, ensuring flawless outcomes, whether lining or shading.

High-density clear plastic body

Mast Pro Tattoo Needle Cartridges feature a high-density clear plastic body, offering an exceptional blend of durability and visibility. This unique design ensures that you have a clear view of your work while benefiting from a reliable cartridge that can withstand the demands of professional tattooing.


Mast Pro Tattoo Needle Cartridges - All Configurations

Perfect tension for prolonged performance

Dragonhawk Mast cartridges are equipped with the perfect tension, minimising stress on your tattoo machine and allowing for extended working periods without compromising on quality. This feature speaks to Mast's commitment to providing tools that contribute to the longevity of your equipment and the continuity of your work.

Reliability for all-purpose work

Whether you're working on lining or shading, Mast Pro needles deliver consistent and reliable results. With a vast range of groupings and sizes, you have all the configurations you need at your fingertips. This flexibility enables you to excel in a range of tattooing techniques.

Advanced craftsmanship and quality control

Mast Pro cartridges are rigorously tested by tattoo artists themselves. The needles are made from 304L stainless steel and polished with precision using automatic machines. This craftsmanship ensures smooth and consistent performance, while complete ethylene oxide disinfection and specialised membranes guarantee the cartridges' hygiene and safety. These safeguards ensure that the machine's internal body mechanism remains uncontaminated.

Optimised design for comfort and stability

Mast Pro cartridges are thoughtfully designed for extreme comfort and stability. The matching of needles and shell ensures high stability and unhindered ink flow. The advanced visual optimisation tube and the shell's key-head shape and angles reduce distortion and refraction, guaranteeing precision in every stroke.

High strength and durability

With four thickened bars ensuring close to 200 rebound force, these cartridges boast impressive strength and durability. This construction choice enhances their longevity, ensuring they can withstand the demands of professional tattooing.

Features of Mast Cyber PMU Cartridge Needles

For PMU artists, Mast also produces needle cartridges specifically tailored to this craft. The Cyber PMU Cartridge Needles are made with the same precision and care as their tattoo needles. Boasting membrane protection against ink leakage, and a slim tip design for accuracy, these cartridges are optimised for PMU artists seeking impeccable results.

Optimised for artist comfort

Mast Cyber PMU Cartridge Needles are optimised to allow artists to work seamlessly and maintain complete control. These Mast cartridges feature a soft silicone protector grip to ensure a comfortable tattooing experience. This feature provides an optimal perch for your finger, allowing you to maintain steady hands and impeccable accuracy while tattooing.


Mast Cyber PMU Cartridge Needles (5mm Taper) - All Configurations

Accurate observations

The slim cartridge tip design and the transparent shell help you accurately observe the cartridge's movement. This design choice adds an added layer of precision to your work, allowing you to complete each cosmetic tattoo with confidence and accuracy.

Exceptional needle quality

These Mast needle cartridges are perfect for most PMU procedures. Available in various round liner configurations and needle diameters (going as small as 0.18mm!), Mast Cyber PMU needles deliver superior precision and sharpness.

Features of Mast Pro SMP & PMU Professional Cartridges

Mast Pro SMP & PMU Professional Cartridges are meticulously crafted by Mast, featuring a unique style stabilising system that sets them apart. Designed to excel in scalp micropigmentation (SMP) and various permanent makeup applications, including eyebrow tattoos, eyeliner, and lip lining, these cartridges offer unparalleled precision and ink flow.

Mast Pro SMP & PMU Professional Cartridges - All Configurations

Unique stabilising system

The standout feature of these cartridges is the unique style stabilising system. This design innovation ensures steady and controlled movement, making them ideal for intricate work like SMP and various permanent makeup procedures. The stability they offer translates to precise outcomes that satisfy both artist and client.

Versatility for various applications

These cartridges are not limited to SMP alone; they are versatile enough to excel in various PMU applications. Available in both round liner and round shader configurations, their versatility speaks to the modern tattoo artist's need for flexibility and expertise across different techniques.

Smooth edges for reduced trauma

The cartridges are thoughtfully designed with smooth edges, a feature that significantly reduces additional trauma to the skin during the tattooing process. This attention to detail speaks to Mast's commitment to both the artist's comfort and the client's experience.

Elevate your craft with Dragonhawk Mast cartridges

Dragonhawk Mast's line of PMU and tattoo needle cartridges is carefully crafted to meet the exacting demands of today's tattoo and permanent makeup artists. Overall, they represent a valuable addition to the toolbox of any serious artist looking to produce flawless and consistent results without compromising on safety or efficiency.

Looking for more insights on cutting-edge tattoo equipment? Stay tuned for our upcoming review articles, where we'll continue to explore the best tools to empower your artistry.



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  • Mark Joshua Luz