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Which professional tattoo kit is right for me?


The abundance of professional tattoo kits on the market presents a challenge to both aspiring and experienced tattoo artists. With numerous brands, vast price ranges, and differing quality levels, finding a kit that aligns with your skill level, style, budget, and long-term career plans is no easy task.

The wrong choice could not only be a waste of resources but may also negatively affect your artistry. Low-quality equipment could lead to poor tattoo application and customer dissatisfaction, which could tarnish your reputation in this highly competitive field.

In this post, we will help you navigate this complex landscape. We'll outline the key factors you should consider when choosing a professional tattoo kit, ensuring that the kit you select is a perfect fit for your individual needs and aspirations. With the right tools, you can unlock your full artistic potential and make your mark in the tattoo industry.


Professional tattoo kit for tattoo apprentices


What is a tattoo kit?

A professional tattoo kit is an all-in-one system that includes all the necessary tools and equipment for tattooing. Generally, kits include a tattoo machine, power supply, sterile tattoo needles and tubes, grips, ink cups, grommets and rubber bands, clip cords, practice skins, and other essentials.

Tattoo kits serve as a convenient and practical solution, especially for tattoo apprentices just starting their journey in tattooing. As beginners, apprentices often lack a collection of tattooing equipment, and purchasing individual items separately can be overwhelming and costly. A well-curated tattoo kit can provide you with everything you need to begin the learning process and gain hands-on experience in the tattoo studio.

How do I choose a tattoo kit?

First and foremost, it's important to assess your skill level and experience as a tattoo artist. If you’re just starting out, a complete tattoo kit with all the essential tools for creating tattoos will be your best bet. On the other hand, if you’ve been in the game for a while and are looking to upgrade your equipment, investing in a more comprehensive, professional-grade tattoo kit is probably the way to go.

The brand of the tattoo kit is also an important factor to consider. Research and read reviews on different brands to ensure that you get a quality-made product that will serve its purpose for years to come.

You should also take into account the cost of the kit, as well as any additional supplies you may need. While price shouldn’t be the only factor in your decision, it is important to make sure that what you’re buying fits within your budget.

MTS Professional Complete Tattoo Kit

Our very own MTS Pro Tattoo Kit is an excellent choice for advanced tattoo apprentices seeking a comprehensive set of high-quality tools at an affordable price.

MTS Professional Tattoo Kit with a rotary tattoo machine

Available with either a rotary pen machine or coil tattoo machine, the MTS Pro Tattoo Kit contains all the essentials to help you hone your craft. Each kit contains a Hurricane Digital Power Supply as well as a power cord and 360 foot pedal for smooth and precise tattooing.

One of our favourite features of the rotary tattoo kit is the inclusion of cartridge sample packs, allowing you to try out various needle configurations and also find your favourite brand. Similarly, our coil tattoo machine kits contain a variety of sterile needles and tattoo tubes to get you started.

Our MTS Pro Tattoo Kits also include a selection of black and grey Kuro Sumi tattoo inks as well as coloured tattoo ink from Radiant Colors. In addition to all these essential items, our MTS Pro Tattoo Kits also come with the necessary accessories like gloves, bags and sleeves, disposable aprons, and more.

Whether you are a seasoned apprentice or a budding artist, the MTS Pro Tattoo Kit is designed to be your trustworthy companion on your tattooing journey. Affordable, comprehensive, and adaptable, it equips you with the tools you need to unlock your full potential and make your mark in the tattoo industry.


Tattoo apprentice tattoo machine kits


Final thoughts on tattoo machine kits

Buying a professional tattoo machine kit is an important decision and one that should be made carefully. It’s essential to consider all of the factors outlined above in order to ensure that you are getting the right equipment for your skill level, style, budget, and long-term career goals.

We believe our MTS Pro Tattoo Kit is the ideal choice for experienced apprentices and budding artists alike. It contains all the essentials you need to create beautiful tattoos. From a quality tattoo machine and power supply to inks and consumables, the kit is incredibly good value!


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  • Sarah Crookes