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How specialising in one tattoo style enhances your career


Choosing to focus on just one tattoo style can really make a tattoo artist stand out. It's like becoming an expert in your favourite thing, which can attract clients who love that style. But this decision isn't easy.

So, we'll discuss why focusing on one style is also a good move for your career. It can help you become well-known for your work, build strong relationships with your clients, and even become a go-to expert in your style. Sure, it's a bit risky and challenging, but it also opens up a lot of great opportunities for growth and success.


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What is tattoo style specialisation?

Tattoo style specialisation refers to when you, as a tattoo artist, focus your skills and artistic work on a specific genre or style of tattooing. This can range from traditional, realism, and watercolour to Japanese, tribal, and geometric styles. Specialising allows you to hone your techniques, develop a distinct artistic voice, and become an expert in that style.

Moreover, clients seeking tattoos in your specialised style may prefer your work for its authenticity and mastery, making you a sought-after artist for those specific designs. This focus not only helps attract a particular client base but also helps you stand out in the tattoo community for your unique contributions to the art form.

Overview of the common tattoo styles

Tattooing has evolved over centuries, giving rise to various styles and techniques. Each style carries its aesthetic, cultural significance, and method of execution. Here's an overview of some common tattoo styles

  • Traditional: Bold lines and bright tattoo ink colours with simple symbols like hearts and anchors.
  • Realism: Tattoos that look like real photos with detailed shading.
  • Watercolour: Bright, flowing colours without solid outlines, like a watercolour painting.
  • Japanese: Features mythological creatures and scenes, often covering large areas.
  • Tribal: Simple black patterns and designs that represent traditional symbols.
  • Neo-Traditional: Similar to Traditional but with more details and a wider range of colours.
  • Dotwork: Made of many tiny dots to create patterns or pictures.
  • Geometric: Shapes and patterns that are symmetrical and precise.
  • Blackwork: All-black designs that can be simple or complex.
  • Biomechanical: It looks like parts of the body are machine-like.

Now that you've got a grasp of the various tattoo styles let's talk about why specialising in one of them can work in your favour. Let's look at the advantages of focusing on one style.



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How to stand out with one tattoo style specialisation

Absolutely, focusing on specialising in a particular tattoo style can truly elevate your artistry and career as a tattoo artist. Let's explore these benefits further.

Deepen your skill set

When you specialise in a specific tattoo style, you're allowing yourself to dive deep into the nuances of that genre. This isn't just about mastering the basics; it's about understanding every subtle intricacy that makes your chosen style unique. Whether it's the bold lines of traditional tattoos or the delicate shading of realism, your focused practice will elevate your craft to a new level.

Build a strong brand identity

Specialisation helps you carve out a unique identity in the crowded tattoo industry. Think of it as your brand; when people hear your name, they'll immediately associate it with your specific style. This branding is crucial for standing out and attracting the right clients—those who appreciate and seek your particular artistry.

Attract your ideal clients

Speaking of clients, specialising means you're more likely to attract the ones who love what you love. They're coming to you because they want exactly what you're best at, creating a perfect match. This makes the tattooing process more enjoyable for both of you and leads to higher client satisfaction and loyalty. They know you're the go-to artist for their specific needs and will likely return and recommend you to others who share their taste.

Justify higher rates

With specialisation comes expertise, and with expertise comes the ability to charge more for your work. Clients are often willing to pay a premium for your services when you're recognised as an expert in a particular style. They understand they're not just paying for any tattoo but for a piece that comes from a deep understanding and mastery of that style.

Stay passionate about your work

Focusing on what you love can keep your passion for tattooing alive. Specialisation allows you to immerse yourself in a style that truly resonates with you, making your work feel less like a job and more like a calling. This passion shows in your art, attracting like-minded clients and creating a fulfilling career.

Opportunities for continuous growth

Even within a single style, there's always room to grow and evolve. Specialisation doesn't mean you're stuck in a rut; it means you have a solid foundation to build. You can push the boundaries of your chosen style, experiment with new techniques, and continue to refine your skills, keeping your work fresh and exciting.

While the benefits of specialising in one tattoo style are clear, it's also important to acknowledge the challenges of this focused approach. Understand these hurdles and see how you can tackle them effectively.


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Overcoming the challenges

While specialising offers numerous benefits, it's also important to navigate its challenges wisely. A limited client base and shifting market trends can pose risks to those who don't adapt. However, by keeping a finger on the pulse of the industry and evolving within your niche, you can mitigate these challenges.

Flexibility within your specialisation allows you to refresh your approach and stay relevant, ensuring a steady flow of clients and maintaining your economic stability.

But to truly master a style, the right tools are just as important as the skill and creativity of the artist. We proudly recommend the Bishop Power Wand Full Set - Shader for tattoo artists seeking unparalleled precision and reliability. This tattoo machine is designed to cater to artists who are passionate about their craft and insist on the best equipment to bring their visions to life.

Wrapping it up

So, here's the deal: Specialising in one tattoo style isn't just about limiting your options; it's about refining your skills, carving out a niche for yourself, and building a career that's not only successful but also deeply fulfilling. Sure, there are challenges, like keeping up with trends and ensuring your chosen style remains in demand. But the rewards—expertise, recognition, the right clients, better earnings, and loving what you do—far outweigh these hurdles.

At the end of the day, it's about making your mark (quite literally) in a way that resonates with you and your audience. So go ahead, dive deep into that style you love, and watch as your career takes on a whole new depth and dimension. Who knows? You might just become the next big name in your niche.


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  • Mark Joshua Luz