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9 Spooky Planchette Tattoos! | Tattoo Ink by Nocturnal


Halloween is only a few days away, and I couldn’t be more excited!  There are plenty of spooky Halloween themed tattoos out there, and recently I've seen quite a few Planchette tattoos emerging, so today I wanted to take a look into the really creepy topic (and an excellent subject for a tattoo!) - The Ouija Board...

The name Oujia Board, literally translates to ‘Yes-Yes Board’ as its name is taken from the words Oui and Ja which mean 'Yes' in French and German.  The Ouija Board originated in the Victorian era as a kid’s board game (crazy right!?) and is still sold by toy company Hasbro today.  It was used as means to make contact with ‘spirits’ who would direct the Planchette around the board to spell out words to the players.  Some people saw this as a fun and lighthearted way to keep their children entertained.  Others took this really seriously and have reported terrifyingly dark experiences that came from using the board. (Speaking of 'dark', at Magnum Tattoo Supplies, we've recently started stocking Tattoo Ink by Nocturnal - and we thought this was particularly fitting with the dark and deadly theme of this blog!)

I find the idea of the Ouija Board fascinating, and as a lover of all things creepy, and all things tattoos – I think Ouija themed tattoos are brilliant.  The Planchette has become quite a popular choice for tattoo collectors, (I have one myself which I absolutely love!), so to get in the Halloween spirit, I wanted to share some of the really cool designs that I’ve come across!



I absolutely love this detailed piece by Fabrian Langes.  Neo-traditional is my favourite style of tattooing, and I love how bold and clean this tattoo is.  

This is an excellent Ouija Board themed tattoo, and I love the detailing in the viewing hole and how it looks like the light is reflecting off it.  It's a tremendously wicked piece that's perfect for any fan of Halloween. 

This palm tattoo is brilliant (and looks like it's been packed in to the skin really well!). It's simple, and understated, like palm tattoos often are, and is the perfect ode to Halloween. 

I really like Simon Erl's work, and this particular piece is amazing, featuring a couple playing with a Ouia Board.  I like how all the lettering and details in the board have been included, making it extra spooky. 

This sternum tattoo is absolutely stunning.  The Planchette really stands out and is super detailed and intricate.  It's beautiful and haunting at the same time, and I think it's a really great placement for a piece like this. 

This Neo-traditional piece is breathtaking. The detail in this is superb, and I like the fact that the Planchette is also accompanied by a severed hand for the added creepy factor! The colours work perfectly together, and I think the artist has done an amazing job of this piece.  Definitely one of my favourites!

I'm a huge fan of this black and grey piece from Dania Lasagna.  I love the way the letter 'H' is magnified by the viewing hole in the Planchette, and the death moths surrounding the lettering give it an extra eerie feel. 

I love this Old-School piece from Jemma Jones, and I particularly like the simplistic wooden effect on the Planchette too.  An absolutely stunning tattoo.

What a beautiful piece of work!  Who says Ouija Board tattoos have to be scary?! I love that this is super girly and the pinks and purples look absolutely gorgeous. 


So there you have it! 9 wonderfully spooky Planchette and Ouija Board themed tattoos to keep you entertained!  I hope you have a horrifying Halloween!  Don't forget to check out the wonderfully dark Tattoo Ink by Nocturnal over on our website.. and don't forget to say 'Goodbye'... 


Love Toni



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