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Introducing... The Critical AtomX | Tattoo Power Supply Wholesaler


Recently, we saw the release of the much anticipated AtomX Power Supply from Critical Tattoo, the predecessor and new and improved version of the widely acclaimed Atom Power Supply. For anyone who’s used the original Atom, they’ll know that this particular power supply has so much to offer, from an extremely handy colour indicated voltage indicator, to its built in magnets and grippy silicone shell for use on a wide variety of surfaces – and now we’ve been blessed with the AtomX, which is even better, and considering the original Atom machine was such a tough act to follow, we couldn’t be more excited!



Here at Magnum Tattoo Supplies, a Tattoo Power Supply Wholesaler, we’re super ecstatic to stock the full range of Critical Tattoo Power Supplies, and even more thrilled that we can offer you the all new AtomX, and today I wanted to talk about the benefits and brand-new features of this brilliant little machine!... 

The AtomX boasts the added benefit of a flat digital display touch screen which shows the exact numerical voltage, and with the loss of the control knob, it's now easier to protect hygienically using your choice of protective film.  Don't worry, they've kept the beautiful LED colour scheme, which was one of the main advantages of the Atom Power Supply!  

 As well as being compatible with both Coil, and Rotary machines, it features built in Neodumium magnets for an extra strong hold, and boasts a jump-start feature for hard starting machines.  It also offers a 6-amp peak in rush current, and 3-amp true RMS continuous current, so is powerful and reliable.  For those who don’t want to keep your foot on the pedal, the AtomX offers a pedal override button so it can be ran in continuous mode (which makes life easier!).  It has the capacity for 2 voltage presets, and these are saved even once the power is removed, which is a really handy and time saving feature, and there’s also a precision regulated set point voltage at 0-17vdc.  It allows for a Universal input of 110-240vac 50/60hz, and features an essential built in short circuit protection.  Not only that, but the AtomX comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.  We also stock the Critical Atom Mount which attaches the Critical Atom, and AtomX Power Supply to any steel surface! 


We’re seriously impressed with the AtomX, and we’ve heard nothing but great things about it from all our customers who’ve bought one.  The AtomX is the most reliable, and innovative Power Supply on the market at the moment, and as a Tattoo Power Supply Wholesaler we’d highly recommend it to any tattoo artist! If you’d like to get your hands on one, just click here!:

 We really enjoy listening to your feedback on our products, so if you love your Critical AtomX Power Supply, we’d love to hear about it in the comments section!


Love Toni…





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  • Antonia McLoughlin