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Amazing Animal Tattoos | Carlox Angarita Tattoo Ink Set

One subject matter for tattoos that will never ever get old is animal tattoos. Regardless of what your tattoo style is, whether you’re a neo traditional artist, or if you specialise in old school tattoos, animals are always a popular subject matter, as there are so versatile when it comes to tattoo designs.  They look great in black and grey, and in full colour, and depending on your mood and what kind of tattoos you’re into, there’s literally something for everyone when it comes to animal tattoos, which is why we love them so much. 

Our Sponsored Artists at Magnum Tattoo Supplies are constantly amazing us with their brilliant work, and it’s great to see such a diverse array of tattoo styles. We’ve collated some amazing animal tattoos done by our team of sponsored artists, featuring a wide variety of different tattoo genres. For those who love realism, the Carlox Angarita tattoo ink set from Radiant Ink is perfect for those who regularly create animal tattoos and want to opt for the more realistic style. Why not check it out, and check out some or these awesome animal tattoos too?

We’re in love with this Cheetah tattoo done by Ben Carlisle. Ben is known for his hyper realistic tattoos, and this piece is out of this world. 

Another big cat.. This tiger tattoo done by blackwork tattoo artist Josh Hurrel is simply stunning. His ‘monotraditional' style is really eye-catching and we really admire his work.

Charlotte Ann Harris is an expert when it comes to animal tattoos. She quite often tattoos pet portraits, and it’s great to see the other animals that she tattoos as well. This badger tattoo is perfect. 

Done by Pete Lord Nelson, a gorgeous owl piece in black and grey, with yellow eyes to really make the tattoo stand out. 

Neo-traditional artist Stephanie Melbourne created this cute car tattoo, done at the Big North Tattoo Show. 

An adorable piece by Tony Kennedy who specialises in blackwork tattoos. 

Red Pandas are beautiful creatures, and Niall Shannon has captured it’s beauty perfectly in this neo-traditional tattoo. 

Done by our lovely sponsored artist Georgiie Gibbs, an incredible little bat piece. Georgiie excels at animal tattoos and we love seeing what she has to offer. 

If animal tattoos are your thing, then why not share some of your work with us? For those who specialise in realism, make sure you check out the Carlox Angarita tattoo ink set from Radiant Ink, available on our website now. 

Love Toni... 

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  • Antonia McLoughlin