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Brilliant Bonfire Tattoos | Eternal Halo 5th Dimension Set

The evenings are dark and the air is crisp, and November is just around the corner! Many people look forward to the 5th November – better known as Bonfire night, so they can enjoy fireworks, sparklers, huge roaring fires, and all or the other fun that comes with it. 

We all know that bonfire night came about because of Guy Fawkes, and it’s still widely celebrated now. Maybe not for the same political reasons that it used to be, but nonetheless, Bonfire night is a bit event in the UK that sees plenty of beautiful firework displays and bonfires, accompanied by toffee apples, hog roasts, and sparklers. 

Not only do fireworks look beautiful in person (once they’ve exploded in the sky and fall back to the earth in flashes of colourful lights) but they also look completely stunning in tattoo form! They can commemorate special occasions (just like fireworks can do in real life) so a firework tattoo to mark a special date or occasion is a really beautiful idea. As stockists of the Eternal Halo 5th Dimension set, which really makes your colours pop, we love seeing gorgeous firework tattoos. Why not check them out here!?

A lovely little colourful piece from Bursa Guni. We love the fusion of all the different colours here which create a truly beautiful firework effect. It’s a really simple piece but it’s very effective. 

These 2 cascading fireworks are just lovely. A red one and a blue one for a nice contrast, the artist behind this tattoo has done a brilliant job!

It’s fascinating to see a traditional style firework piece! It’s not often you see something like this in an old school style, but we think it looks amazing. 

2016. A lovely commemoration piece featuring a parent and child in awe of some distant fireworks. This is a truly lovely piece that looks fantastic. 

A cute little rocket tattoo. It’s so simple and small but it’s super clean and great for firework fans! 

A gorgeous neo trad firework tattoo by Shane Woodward. The black cat on the hand is an incredible touch, and we love the framed imagery of two people lighting a firework.

Last but not least, some fabulous firecracker tattoos. They’re loud and bright, and really stand out at a fireworks display! This tattoo  is certainly a stand out piece. 

If you’re doing any firework tattoos this bonfire night then make sure you check out the Eternal Halo 5th Dimension ink set. It features some bright pastel hues that really male your tattoos pop! If you’ve already created some bonfire night themed tattoos, whether that’s of a firework, a bonfire, or anything else that’s bonfire night related then we'd love to hear from you, so why not leave us a comment below?

Love Toni 

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  • Antonia McLoughlin