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Cuticle Tattoos are about the Cutest thing! | Tattoo Ink Wholesalers


We have seen armpit tattoos and under butt tattoos but the latest thing on Instagram is cuticle tattoos and I have to say I think that they are super cute! I thought they we could talk about this today as here at Magnum Tattoo Supplies we are a tattoo ink wholesalers and we love to keep up with the latest trends in the tattoo world. There seem to have been a lot of these lately thanks to social media so I thought we could talk about the pros and cons of the latest one, cuticle tattoos!


Speaking about the pros and cons of particular tattoos will always be rather arbitrary as its all subjective, but this is the internet, the perfect place to discuss everything arbitrary! So what are the pros of a cuticle tattoo? I would say one of the main in ones is probably that they are so small so probably take less time to ink, though I have a tattoo on my toe and that was extremely painful! They are small obviously so if you are looking for something a bit more subtle, then a cuticle tattoo might be perfect for you! If you have gorgeous nails then cuticle tattoo is bound to highlight them and complete the look perfectly!


Nothing is without its cons so let's think about the cons of a cuticle tattoo... While I have said that they are small and subtle, your fingers are pretty hard to cover up if you work a job where you aren't allowed tattoos so this is something to consider. Also given their size the designs you will be able to have are limited, as detail doesn't last in smaller spaces you will need to pick a design that is fairly simple. Another thing to consider before you get one is that your cuticles are so close to the bone that it is going to be painful, guaranteed, so if you don't like pain maybe consider somewhere a little more fleshy.

What do you think of this latest trend on Instagram? Would you get one? What do you think that the next tattoo trend will be? Let us know in the comments! Remember if you are a tattoo artist looking for ink remember here at MTS we are a tattoo ink wholesalers so you can find them in our store!

Love Katy....



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  • Katy Jackson