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5 Awesome Cover Up Tattoos! | Tattoo Ink by Radiant Colors 0

In our last post, we spoke about people removing their regrettable tattoos, now I thought we would look at some people who took the alternate route of a cover up. Even people who really love tattoos can regret them, but happily, it is sometimes possible to cover up an unfavourable tattoo with a shiny new one. Sometimes, the person doesn't necessarily dislike their old tattoo it might have just not aged very well so they need it revamped a bit. Here at MTS we sell tattoo ink by Radiant Colors but we also like looking at all things tattoos, so let's take a look at what people have had done!

Tattoo's aren't 'cool' anymore? | Tattoo Aftercare Wholesale 0

I came across an article recently in The Telegraph titled 'Rethinking Ink: How Tattoos Lost their Cool' and I found myself thinking, tattoos have lost their 'cool'?! I read the article and there were just a few things in it that I disagreed with so I thought I would discuss it! As a company that sells tattoo aftercare wholesale, it's an interesting topic of discussion, whether these tattoos we spend time caring for are 'cool' or not, as the article puts it. 

DC Tattoos that are too cool! | Wholesale Tattoo Studio Supplies 0

We looked at Marvel tattoos the other day so I thought it only fair that we look at some DC tattoos! There are some pretty awesome ones out there and it's another unique universe that people are a fan of, and get great tribute tattoos to their favourite heroes! Here at MTS we sell wholesale tattoo studio supplies but we also love checking out some great artwork so let's go ahead and do just that!

Let's Marvel at these Tattoos! | Tattoo Machine Wholesale 0

Marvel is a hugely successful franchise by now, arguably the most successful comic-book franchise with DC right next to it. I've always preferred Marvel myself so I thought we could start by looking at some awesome tribute tattoos to the heroes of Marvel and we will look at the DC heroes another day! Here at MTS we sell tattoo machine wholesale but we also love comics and tattoos, so let's get into looking at some of this awesome artwork.

Cuticle Tattoos are about the Cutest thing! | Tattoo Ink Wholesalers 0

We have seen armpit tattoos and under butt tattoos but the latest thing on Instagram is cuticle tattoos and I have to say I think that they are super cute! I thought they we could talk about this today as here at Magnum Tattoo Supplies we are a tattoo ink wholesalers and we love to keep up with the latest trends in the tattoo world. There seem to have been a lot of these lately thanks to social media so I thought we could talk about the pros and cons of the latest one, cuticle tattoos!

Celebrities with tattoos! | Tattoo Needles Wholesale UK 0

I posted about people with tattoos of celebrities but what about celebrities who have tattoos? I thought that we could perhaps look at some of my favourites today. Celebrities have so much money they are able to go to exclusive artists so we expect their artwork to be top dollar! here at MTS we sell the tattoo needles wholesale UK artists rely on, so I have looked through hundreds of pictures of celebrity tattoos and narrowed it down to the five we are looking at today so let's get started!