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Most Common Things Tattoo Artists find Annoying

Tattoo artists are called artists for a reason. They aren’t just some slave you pay to put ink on your skin. These people are skilled professionals who spent years to study the art, and just like everybody else tattoo artists should be treated with respect. Having a tattoo supply shop, I’ve encountered and spoke with a lot of tattoo artists. Some of them even became good friends. One of the most discussed topics aside from technicalities of tattooing, are their experiences as tattoo artists. We recently talked about some annoying things customers do when they enquire or while they get their tattoo. I’ve listed down some of these thing so you know what to avoid when dealing with tattoo artists.

Late and No Show Clients

Time is precious even for artists who don’t work regularly like the 8-5 people. And really, who wants getting stood up right? If you book an appointment with tattoo parlours or tattoo artists, make sure you show up, and when you do please be on time. If you can’t make it on time or if you suddenly felt you’re not yet ready to get a tattoo, have some courtesy and inform them ahead of time. This way they won’t waste time waiting for someone who will never show up, and they can give your slot to another customer.

Bringing the Whole Crew

I understand, getting a tattoo is an amazing experience and you want your friends to witness that unforgettable experience. But you don’t have to bring your whole neighborhood, or your whole clan. One or two is enough, not because they won’t fit in the tattoo shop, but because the noise of people chattering, asking questions, and taking photos will disturb your artists focus. The last thing you want is an artist putting a permanent ink on your skin, and getting distracted with your cheerleading squad.

Cheapskate and Hagglers

Like what I have said, tattoo artists are called artists for a reason. They make art, and art costs money. When getting a tattoo or asking for a quote, keep in mind that tattoos are no different form paintings displayed and sold at galleries. In fact, the art of tattooing may be a bit harder, because the artist uses your skin as the canvass. Aside from experience and skill, you are also paying for the equipment and the quality of ink. Next time you get a quote for a tattoo, don’t scoff and don’t negotiate. It’s rude, and no artist wants to see, feel, and hear their craft undervalued by some cheapskate.


I think everyone will agree to this (except those who are guilty of being know-it-alls of course), in classrooms, in the office, and yes even in tattoo sessions know-it-alls can be really annoying. Experienced tattoo artists know what they are doing, and they know what will make your tattoo look better. Listen to them when they say that the design should be a bit larger in size so it won’t smudge etc.

Keep these things in mind and try to avoid them when getting a tattoo, to make sure you don’t piss your tattoo artist off.

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  • Matthew Nelson