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Things you need to consider before getting a tattoo


So you have finally gathered enough courage to get your first tattoo. Before anything else here are some important things to consider before getting a tattoo.

The Design

Choosing the design is one of the most crucial part of getting a tattoo. Most people choose a tattoo design that has personal significance to them. Getting a tattoo is one way of expressing one’s individuality. Some people search on Google, Pinterest, and Tumblr. But if you want yours to be unique I suggest you ask an artist to customise a design for you.

The Artist

Once you have a design, or a concept next step is to look for an artist. Ask your friends for recommendations, or search online. Thanks to technology finding a great artist have become a lot easier that before. Most artist have Instagram and Facebook Pages, and use these as their portfolios. Read online reviews to know customer’s feedback. If you’re eyeing to get a tattoo from a well-known artist, make sure you book ahead, these artists usually have a waiting list which can take up to a month or a year.

Your Skin

If you have sensitive skin and allergic to make-ups or other skin products, make sure you consult your dermatologist and run some tests so you know what type of inks are best suited for your sensitive skin. Why? Go ahead and search “allergic reaction to tattoo”.

Your Budget

Heard of the saying, “you get what you pay for”? Well, same goes for tattoo. A good tattoo isn’t cheap, and a cheap tattoo is not good. The price of your tattoo will depend on the size, colour, area of the body, and of course the artist.

Which Part of your Body

Aside from the design, you have to think thoroughly on which part you want your design to be tattooed on. They say the ribs, feet, butt, and neck will hurt the most. But I think it still depends on your pain tolerance. I know someone who found getting a wrist tattoo more painful than getting a rib tattoo, that she even fell asleep while having a tattoo on her rib.

The Pain

No, getting a tattoo does not in any way feel like getting a vaccine. Unlike getting a vaccine the tattoo needle doesn’t go very deep, but it doesn’t mean getting a tattoo is less painful than getting a vaccine. Imagine your skin being pierced by a needle and dragging that needle across your skin, that’s how it feels because that’s what exactly happens. They say the lesser the needle the more painful it will be. But, again it depends of your pain tolerance.

The Aftercare

A fresh tattoo is literally a wound, when it’s healing it will be itchy and sensitive like a sunburn. You’ll notice it will scab, when that happens do not peel it so it heals correctly. Make sure you keep it clean and moisturised. Stay away from the beach, the lake, pool, and even the tub to prevent infection.

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  • Matthew Nelson