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The Ink-Factor: Stacey Solomon flaunts new tattoo design at 33


Is it weird getting a tattoo in your thirties? Stacey Solomon, who rose to fame after competing in The X Factor UK back in 2009 and was crowned Queen of the Jungle just a year later, is now questioning whether her tattoo desire could be a sign of a midlife crisis.

However, the much-loved Loose Women panelist seems ready to challenge any existing stigmas around getting tattoos 'later in life' and has recently been spotted experimenting with some tattoo stencils on Instagram. Read the latest Stacey Solomon tattoo news in our blog, or shop Spirit Thermal Transfer Carbon Paper and other studio supplies for the best tattoo stencils today.

What's the latest news on Stacey Solomon's tattoo?

Stacey Solomon shared a sneak peek of a new tattoo design with her fans when she posted a video to her Instagram story a few days ago.

The black and white video was shot in her brother's tattoo studio, who happens to be a professional tattoo artist himself. The footage captures the moment her sibling places a tattoo stencil onto the back of her left shoulder, leaving viewers to speculate when she'll be getting inked.

The TV personality overlayed the video with text, revealing that she was only experimenting with the stencils, but does have plans to get a permanent tattoo upon returning from a trip to Paris.

It is unclear what the delicate script tattoo design seen in the video says. However, as a proud mother of five, Stacey has revealed she wants tattoos of all her children's names in Hebrew.

Stacey Solomon has three children with her husband Joe Swash. She gave birth to baby girl Belle a few months ago and also shares daughter Rose, and three-year-old Rex with him. Her other two sons Zachary and Leighton are from previous relationships.


Colour tattoo ink and worktop in a tattoo studio


Has the Loose Women star got other tattoos?

Stacey has explained that she doesn't have any other tattoos, so this would be her first piece of ink.

"Is it weird to get a tattoo in your thirties?"

While very excited at the prospect of a piece of permanent body art, Stacey Solomon has joked whether her decision is being fueled by a midlife crisis or her hormones. "Is it weird to get a tattoo in your thirties?" is one of the questions the X-Factor celebrity has been asking herself and her fans recently.

However, there's no doubt that Stacey would look fantastic with a tattoo and she doesn't seem to be letting any midlife crisis doubts stand in her way. We can't wait to see what the finished design looks like!

Could this just be the start of Stacey Solomon's ink collection?

The phenomenon of tattoo collecting is an interesting one. While some people may decide to get a tattoo just because they like the way it looks or they have a special meaning attached to it, others can become addicted to getting more tattoos and adding new pieces to their collections.

If Stacey does take the plunge, who knows what kind of designs we'll see in the future? Maybe something to commemorate her third place finish on X-Factor, which really kick-started her career, or perhaps a tattoo to celebrate the unforgettable moment she won I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!

Has husband Joe Swash got any tattoos?

Stacey Solomon's husband Joe Swash is no stranger to tattoos himself!

While discussing her tattoo plans, the Loose Women presenter jokingly brought her husband into the conversation. They crudely joked that the former actor Joe Swash had 'small' tattoos on his genitals, which is why he never has them on show!

The former EastEnders star does have two tattoos adorning his body. However, they can be seen on his back and hip instead.

The future of Stacey Solomon's ink

It's clear that Stacey Solomon is serious about the prospect of getting inked. Whether her tattoo will celebrate her family, or just be something special for herself, it will be fascinating to see what design she decides upon on the big day!

We look forward to seeing the outcome of Stacey's first piece of ink and hope this could be the start of an amazing collection. With such inspiring figures like Stacey embracing their individuality through art, there really is no better time than now to get your very own tattoo!

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