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Amazing Tattoos from our Sponsored Artists - Tattoo Supplies Online UK


In 2017 we saw some absolutely amazing tattoos from our Sponsored Artists!  As a Tattoo Supplies company, we want to be able to support and promote tattoo artists, and so we absolutely love to share the work of the talented artists on our pro team. 

Here's some of our favourite pieces from this year, done by our fantastic artists!


One of my absolute favourites, done by Stephanie Melbourne!

One of my absolute favourites - done by Stephanie Melbourne


A brilliant skull with Indian head dress by Pete Nelson


Amazing skull tattoos that are completely unique in their own way.  (L-R) - Pete Nelson, Clare Lambert, and Gavin Underhill.



It's no secret that my favourite style of tattoos is neo-traditional and traditional - and these pieces done by our Sponsored Artists are brilliant.  An all-seeing eye piece from Nial Shannon, a Devil head from Mike Davies, and a skull and dagger by Adam Link. All really clean tattoos, with some cool themes!


This Chester Bennington piece from Ben Carlisle is so beautiful.  A lovely tribute to a talented musician. 



Some more tattoos of musicians - A stunning Kendrick Lamar piece from Troy Tuck, and an eye-catching Eminem tattoo from Martin Thornton!  I love hip-hop pieces!



I adore animal tatoos, and these ones done by our Sponsored Artist have been some of my favourite ones of 2017! (L-R) Lovely neo-traditional piece from Charlotte Ann Harris who specialises in pet portraits.  A Stunning Japanese piece from Flecky Tattoo, and a magnificent hand piece from Eddy Ink. 


Some more stunning neo-traditional pieces.  Done by Georgiie Gibbs, and Mark Gittens.



I really like big pieces, and think sleeves are stunning (especially leg sleeves which don't seem to be as common as arms!).  These Japanese pieces from Mikkel Ostberg, and Zack Chiswell are phenomenal.  These guys both do a lot of large pieces, and their work is flawless. 


These 2 tattoos are some of my favourites from this year.  The barber themed tattoo by Col Cooper is great.  Col usually specialises in Japanese work, but it's great to see a him doing different things.  The beautiful owl piece by Alan Hindes is remarkable.  Alan's black and grey work is always on point!


Last but not least!  An insanely beautiful cat piece from the lovely Rachael Rose.  I love Rachael's work as she has her own unique style that's really soft and delicate. A brilliant tattoo from a brilliant artist!

I'm really excited to see the work that 2018 has in store for us, and can't wait to share some more wonderful tattoos with you guys. We'd love to hear from you guys and see pictures of your favourite tattoos, so feel free to drop us a comment below! Don't forget to check out our UK store, where you can buy Tattoo Supplies online.


Love Toni...



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  • Antonia McLoughlin