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Brilliant Daruma Tattoos | Kuro Sumi Zhang Po Set

Daruma dolls feature frequently in traditional Japanese tattoo art.  These hollow wooden dolls are extremely recognisable and are known throughout Japanese culture.  Known as 'wishing dolls', the Daruma symbolises good luck and are are meant to help people achieve their goals.  They're typically red, with a flesh coloured face, and some golden yellow decorative elements, an are often bright and bold and can be made to look completely unique.   
Daruma Dolls tend to have round white eyes, with only the black pupil of the right one filled in.  The idea is that once the person's goal has been achieved, only then can the left eye be filled in (symbolising that the goal has been reached). Darumas look great as tattoos, and it's great to see that these seem to be gaining even more popularity within the tattoo world!  As stockists of the Kuro Sumi Zhang Po Ink Set, we're huge fans of traditional Japanese Tattoo Art - so why not check out these brilliant Daruma tattoos with us?
First up, a bold and traditional Daruma meets Lucky Cat!  We love the simplicity of this design. A brilliant tattoo. 
This Daruma piece is stunning.  The new-school elements in this are great, and it's good to see a Daruma tattoo done in an alternative style to traditional Japanese. 
By tattoo master Benjamin Laukis, this creepy skull Daruma is phenomenal. The script on th forehead is stunning - we're super-impressed with this piece.
A neo-traditional style Tiger Daruma done by an incredible artist. 
This little floral Daruma is super-cute. It's simple and understated, and features the traditional 1 coloured eye. 
A pig Daruma tattoo that features some really crazy elements, by Alex Toniato. The Peppa Pig at the top is a brilliant touch, and it's great to see other pop culture references being incorporated in this wonderful piece!
A beautiful set of Darumas done by Nick Chia.  Different coloured Darumas symbolise different things.  Red symbolises good luck and fortune, and the Blue Daruma symbolises health and longevity. Incredible work!
If you've created some Daruma tattoos then we'd love to see them.  You can leave a comment in the section below.  For those wanting to create some black and grey Japanese inspired tattoos then don't forget to check out the Kuro Sumi Zhang Po kit available on our online store. 


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  • Antonia McLoughlin