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Too Good to Miss: Cool Tattoo Design Ideas


Seen as though we are now several weeks into 2022, it's probably true to assume that some people have started to break their New Year's resolutions—whether they had decided to start something new or give something up for the year. As a result, we thought it would be interesting to take a look at some cool tattoo design ideas, depicting the things we did NOT want to give up this year! From TV shows to good humour, you can check them out below.

Given the wintry weather at the start of the year, we often find ourselves spending the majority of our time indoors. For this reason, there was no way we were going to give up watching some of the best television series available at the moment. There are almost too many to count, and many people choose to get body art that celebrates their favourite TV show. Tattoos like this Money Heist sleeve by Dawid Dudek are both impressive and a cool tattoo design to bring fans of the same show together.

Money Heist (@tattoos_by_dave_d)

Money Heist Tattoo by Sponsored Artist Dawid Dudek (@tattoos_by_dave_d)

While we may find lots of time to fit in a few episodes from our favourite television shows, it is also important not to forget about the beauty of the outdoors. From hiking in the mountains to simply taking a stroll through a park, nature always offers a welcome respite from the hustle of everyday life. Beautiful floral tattoos like this one by Sammie Jones, help remind us not to forget about the joy of nature this year. 

Bumble bee floral tattoo

Bumble Bee Floral Tattoo by Sponsored Artist Sammie Jones (@sammiejonestattoo)

We are not shaking our love of animals this year either and we think this pup portrait by Doris Lam is incredibly cute. It appears that dogs will remain a man's best friend for another year, while also making a cool tattoo design idea at the same time. 

Pup portrait tattoo

Pup Portrait Tattoo by Sponsored Artist Doris Lam (@dorisu_tattoo)

Other home comforts that we're keeping firmly by our side this year are the trusted cup of tea or coffee. Whether you like your warm beverage with milk and sugar or prefer it as it comes, there are plenty of ways to pay homage to these classic drinks. While simple concepts in themselves, they can make for some cool tattoo designs, as can be seen by the below example by Lily J.

Not your cup of tea tattoo

Not Your Cup of Tea Tattoo by Sponsored Artist Lily J (@lilyjtattoo)

Finally, creativity and a good sense of humour were things we definitely did not want to give up this year either! For example, we love this colourful tattoo by Peter Murray and its 'Stay Positive' message, even when times seem tough. 

Stay positive shark tattoo

Funny Stay Positive Shark Tattoo by Sponsored Artist Peter Murray (@petermurrayartist)

This tattoo of a frog wielding a Samurai sword is another particularly colourful and cool tattoo design. This level of creativity offers up endless possibilities for a fun tattoo, so we look forward to seeing more tattoos like these in the future. 

Samurai frog tattoo

Samurai Frog Tattoo by Sponsored Artist Danny Taylor (@dannytaylortattoo)

We hope you've enjoyed a look at some of these cool tattoo design ideas. For more items that are just too good to miss out on, check out our page of newest products. Updated regularly with the latest products from the biggest brands, it's worth a visit!

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  • Sarah Crookes