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Friday the 13th: Tattoos and Superstitions


Friday the 13th is a day that tattoo enthusiasts around the world know well. It is a day fraught with superstitions and myths, and for many people it's just not considered to be a lucky day. But what does this mean for the tattoo community? In this blog post we take a look at tattoo designs some may associate with this infamous day.

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Friday the 13th tattoos

One of the most obvious tattoo designs for Friday 13th are those that incorporate the number 13 in some way or another. However, while this number is conventionally seen as a symbol of bad luck, among the tattoo community it seems to have the opposite meaning. So for tattoo enthusiasts who are looking for a Friday the 13th tattoo that is both relevant and lucky, this design could be the perfect choice!

On Friday the 13th, tattoo studios may also create a special tattoo flash with a selection of designs available to purchase for a cheaper rate than usual. However, if you are considering getting one of these Friday 13th tattoos, while they may be cheaper, you should still ensure that you are getting tattooed in a licensed studio to follow all the best hygiene practices.

When tattoo artists make their tattoo flash designs available, they will probably specify the location and/or size of the tattoo. For example, for many artists, Friday the 13th tattoo flashes are commonly made available on the arms and legs. Plus, the artist may also specify whether the flash is available in colour, with shading, or as just a black outline. A black and grey Friday the 13th tattoo flash will usually carry the lowest cost, so this is something to bear in mind if you are considering getting one.

Below we showcase some creepy black and grey tattoos that may also be suitable for Friday the 13th. From skeletons and ghosts to bats and black crows, which are often seen as another bad omen, just like the number 13. 

Skeleton tattoo with black tattoo ink

Skeleton tattoo by Sponsored Artist, Josh Hurrell (@joshhurrelltattoos)

Ghost tattoo for Friday 13th

Ghost tattoo by Sponsored Artist, Lily J (@lilyjtattoo)

Black crow tattoo for Friday 13th tattoo

Crow tattoo by Sponsored Artist, Liz Minelli (@lizminellitattoo)

Black bat tattoo for Friday 13th

Bat tattoo by Sponsored Artist, Jamie-Leigh (@jamieleightattoo)

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Eternal Ink Pitch Black

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  • Sarah Crookes