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Interview with Courtney Chamberlain - Sponsored Artist of the Month


Magnum Tattoo Supplies' Sponsored Artist of the Month for May 2022 is the skilful Courtney Chamberlain!


Tarot card tattoo back piece


What drew you to Magnum Tattoo Supplies?

I've been using Magnum since they first opened up in a little unit garage! They were always super helpful and supportive when I had just started my apprenticeship, always helping when I was sent to collect big orders. And to this day I have stuck with them! I have recently swapped from Kwadron needles to the MTS Premium Cartridges and I love the results!


How long have you been tattooing and how did you get started?

I have been tattooing for 8 years total and I started out in a small studio in Runcorn, which isn't there anymore! But to get into the industry I pretty much came into the studio every single day after work to clean up, hang out or work reception, until they eventually gave me a shot.


Luna moth calf tattoo


What is your favourite thing about your job as a tattoo artist?

I love meeting so many new people, and that every day is different. But I'd say that my client base is my favourite part of my job. They are all so kind and supportive of my work and I would not be able to do what I do without them!


What is something you wish you knew before you became a tattoo artist?

That you never stop working, even on days off!


What is your proudest moment so far professionally?

Being given the opportunity to travel around Europe guest spotting in various studios. It has always been my life goal to have a job that I can travel with and it was such a proud moment for me to have finally achieved that. 


Floral chest tattoo


What do you love to tattoo and what would you like to do more of?

I love to tattoo anything intricate and full of linework. Anything that makes your eyes go funny when you look at the stencil. I love doing blackwork stipple pieces and I would like to do more of this style.


What are your hobbies and passions outside of tattooing?

Last year I really got into roller skating, so my main hobby is trying not to break any bones whilst doing this!


Tarot card tattoo


What are your ambitions for the future?

Other than getting better at social media, as I'm still archaic in this department, I would love to continue to progress within my career and guest internationally as much as I am able to!


If you love Courtney's work and want to see more, take a closer look at her Instagram! 

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