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Incredible House Plant Tattoos | Buy green tattoo ink online


The popularity of house plants has risen tenfold over the past few years, and their advent is not surprising considering just how many Instagram pages, YouTube Channels and blogs are dedicated to this glorious type of plant. House plants are an amazing thing. They’re like the pets you never had as a kid. You water them, feed them, keep them alive and become proud when they grow big and strong, and even mourn their death. 

There are so many different house plants to choose from, from Crotons to Moth Orchids, from Cacti to Succulents. With a wide variety of colours and interestingly shaped leaves, there’s literally a house plant for everyone.  They’re not always easy to look after, with different plants requiring a different level of care and attention, but it you get it right then you’ve got yourself a beautiful friend for life! 

It’s not surprising then, that we’ve noticed a spike in the number of house plant tattoos out there, just like with the choice of plants available, the tattoo possibilities are endless! No matter the style you get your house plant tattoo in, it’ll always look great! At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where you can buy green tattoo ink online (the perfect colour range for house plants), we wanted to show some of the most beautiful house plant tattoos we’ve come across. Check them out here! 

A beautiful Banzai plant.  This little tree is a really popular plant, and there are tonnes of decorative pots you can get for them.  A gorgeous tattoo in a split style. Artist unknown. 

This black and red plant is simply stunning.  Artist unknown. 

A variety of house plants.  Featuring the ever popular 'cheese plant' otherwise known as Monstera. Artist unknown. 

The colours in this neo-traditional little plant are stunning!  A 'Sunset Plant' which makes the perfect addition to brighten up any room. Artist unknown. 

Another gorgeous Monstera plant, this time in a simple blackwork style featuring a splash of colour. Artist unknown. 

We're loving the greens in this incredible little plant.  Artist unknown. 

This one has to be our favourite, and the picture is so eye-catching!  Kudos to the artist who created this simple blackwork piece. Artist unknown. 


 So there you have it, some stunning house plant tattoos that will brighten up any room!  We'd love to see more house plant themed tats, or perhaps some cacti and succulent pieces.  Whatever kind of plants you love tattooing, why not get in touch with us and show us your work?  Summertime is the perfect time to let your houseplants thrive, so why not show off your tattoos as well?




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  • Antonia McLoughlin