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Interview with Ashley Newton - Sponsored Artist of the Month


Magnum Tattoo Supplies' Sponsored Artist of the Month for August 2021, is the unbelievably talented Ashley Newton


spiderman tattoo ashley newton


What drew you to Magnum Tattoo Supplies?

The main think I like about Magnum Tattoo Supplies is the great communication and the quick replies to messages. I can almost guarantee that I've got a reply within 10 minutes or less most of the time, and they are always really helpful too! 

What is your favourite thing about tattooing?

Thats a hard question to answer really because as any tattooer knows, this job is amazing. You get to meet so many cool people and it's just so satisfying watching your artwork come together. But what I think I love the most is that when you do something you love as a job, its not a job anymore, and that's what hits the best. 

anime tattoo ashley newton

What motivates you?

Motivation is absolutely everywhere in this job and I think the main thing for me is seeing such sick tattoo designs that I haven't seen, or ever thought of, and it's like 'woah, thats sick I want to do something that cool now'. Another thing that helps motivate me is my audience and seeing them commenting on and liking your work is amazing. I am so greatful and it makes me want to nail the next tattoo even more so that everytime they see my work, they're impressed! 

ashley newton anime tattoo

What is your proudest moment? 

This is an easy one, it was the day when I walked into my old job at a supermarket, where I was often bullied for having tattoos for years, and quitting to do something special with my life! I wasn't supposed to have any tattoos at that job, but just before quitting I got a neck tattoo to make a statement. 

What would you say to people looking for sponsors?

I'd say let your work do the talking for you mostly, and the occasional cheeky hints! It works wonders!

Any crazy tattoo stories?

I've had a few people faint whilst getting tattooed, and another person managed to run across the tattoo studio while passing out, trying to get outside for fresh air!

What's next?

I'd like to do some travelling for guest spots, and attend some conventions when they are up-and-running again! 

ashley newton

To see more of Ashley's incredible work, check out his instagram!


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