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MTS Blog — backpiece tattoo


Incredible backpiece tattoos | Buy couch rolls online 0

Backpieces are a great opportunity to have a large scale tattoo that not only flows well with the shape of the body, but also allows for as much or as little detail as possible.  You can pick one large concept, for example a huge scale animal head, that fits the whole surface area, or, if you want you can create a detailed scene which depicts many aspects, such as a battle scene or a religous scene.  There really are no limits with backpieces which is the sheer beauty of them.  

Brilliant Backpieces | Bactine Tattoo 0

I’ve always wanted a backpiece.  I think they look really cool, and given that the back is a large surface area, there’s so many brilliant concepts that you could have when it comes to content but I honestly don’t think I could endure multiple sessions of pain.  It’d definitely take a lot of bactine tattoo spray to convince me to get one, so for the time being I’m happy to admire some brilliant back pieces instead!