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MTS Blog — devil tattoos


Devils and Demons Tattoos for Halloween | Radiant Tattoo Ink Blood Red 0

Devils and Demons have been part of many cultures since the beginning of time.  Almost all ancient civilisations and major religions speak of some form of devil or evil spirit, that are ungodly, and bring pain and suffering to people. The folklore surrounding demons is actually quite fascinating, if not a bit creepy, and although they can often look terrifying, sometimes they're known to hide in plain sight and look just like you and me...

Devil Tattoos | Radiant Ink Blood Red 0

Continuing with the theme of spooky tattoos this October, we wanted to take a look at some devilishly good devil themed tattoos. Typically depicted as a frightening human like red figure with horns and a pointy take, brandishing a trident, the devil is symbolic of all that is bad in the world. All that is evil, to be precise. The notion of the devil has been around since biblical times, and he is generally feared by all – a fallen Angel who occupies Hell.