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MTS Blog — flower tattoos


Beautiful Floral Tattoos By Sammie Jones - Buy Butterluxe Tattoo Care 0

If there's one tattoo theme that we are completely in love with, it's floral tattoos.  They can be the most small and simple of tattoos, or they can be extensive and elaborate, and it seems that no matter what style of tattooing floral tattoos are made in, they always look super pretty.  Of course, there are hundreds of different species of flowers and foliage out there that are eye-catchingly beautiful, so naturally this translates well into tattoos.  Whether in the form of a full colour realism piece, dotwork, traditional, or neo-trad, floral tattoos look great in any style.  They can be the perfect gap filler, or look magnificent as a sleeve.  The possibilities are endless. 

Fantastic Floral Tattoos from Georgiie Gibbs | Pastel range from Radiant Tattoo Ink 0

Our lovely Sponsored Artist Georgiie Gibbs regularly creates beautiful floral tattoos that are decorative, intricate, and quite simply stunning.  Last Thursday was 'National Floral Design Day', so we thought it'd be fitting to have a look at some of the gorgeous floral tattoos that Georgiie has recently done.