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Miami Heat NBA players and their tattoos in the 2023 finals


Since their inception in 1988, the Miami Heat have become one of the most successful teams in professional basketball. With a strong roster and unwavering dedication to excellence on the court, they have captivated fans worldwide.

But beyond their accomplishments on the hardwood, there is another side to these athletes that is not often seen: their tattoos. As we take a closer look at the players of this year's 2023 NBA Finals contenders from Miami Heat, it becomes clear that each player has something unique and special to express through the ink artistry adorning their bodies. Keep reading to find out more about NBA tattoos or shop Miami blue tattoo ink from World Famous tattoo ink.

Udonis Haslem's tattoos

Udonis Haslem, a beloved veteran player for the Miami Heat, is not only recognised for his on-court contributions but also for being one of the most tattooed NBA players in the modern era.

Each of Haslem's tattoos tells a unique story, reflecting his personal journey, values, and deep connections.

One of his largest tattoos is found on his back and depicts a map outline of the state of Florida. Haslem was born in Miami, Floria and his ink represents his love for his birthplace.


Basketball in hands


On his arms, Haslem displays various tattoos that hold significant meaning to him. For example, some of the designs on his left arm include tribal masks, personal tributes, plus a powerful, religious tattoo on his left bicep.

He has many other tributes to friends and family on his body, including a neck tattoo to mark the sad passing of his older brother.

Haslem's impressive tattoo collection showcases not only his love for body art but also provides a glimpse into his values and the experiences that have shaped him both as a player and a person.

Tyler Herro's tattoos

Considered to be one of the best young guards in the NBA, Tyler Herro has earned a devoted fan following. However, his tattoo design choices haven't always resonated with his fan base. Nonetheless, his inked artwork have become a distinctive part of his persona and reflect his individuality.

Herro got his first tattoo in 2020—the words "No Work" and "No Check" inked across the upper portion of his chest. He opted for a font style similar to that associated with The Joker and bright red ink. His tattoo serves as a bold statement, reflecting Herro's mindset and approach to his craft.


Basketball player with arm tattoo


He recently added to his existing chest tattoo with a close-up of a lion's face, which combines a couple of elements including "2000" - the year of his birth and an Ancient Greek crown.

He also has a number of tattoo designs on his ankle, including the letters 'MKE', a tribute to his home city of Milwaukee, a butterfly, and the number 444.

Desperate to win the championship, Herro has even stated that he would get a tattoo of Jimmy Butler's face if it meant Miami Heat would win the championship. Although, he did qualify his statement by saying that it would have to be somewhere you wouldn't see it like the bottom of his foot.

Is there more body art on show in the Miami Heat team?

Yes, there is definitely more ink on show within the Miami Heat team. Other NBA players with tattoos include Haywood Highsmith, Caleb Martin, and Jamal Cain who are all sport unique tattoo designs.

Miami Heat NBA players without tattoos

NBA players have gained a reputation for their extensive and often elaborate tattoo collections, making them synonymous with the world of body art. From intricate sleeves that cover their arms to bold designs adorning their chests, backs, and legs, tattoos are commonplace among basketball players.


Basketball on court


However, there are a few players on the Miami Heat roster who don't have any artwork or visible tattoos at this very moment, such as Nikola Jovic and Jimmy Butler, who has a 'no tattoos' policy.

Bam Adebayo has famously stayed tattoo-free throughout his basketball career to date. His path is similar to that of Dwyane Wade another Miami Heat legend who went without tattoo artwork for the majority of his career. However, Wade decided to get tattooed just prior to his final season in the NBA.

The tattoos of a Miami Heat NBA player

The Miami Heat players have certainly embraced the art of tattooing, with some sporting unique and meaningful artwork while others remain untattooed.

Each player has their own story to tell through body art, whether it's Udonis Haslem's tribute to Florida or Tyler Herro's cheeky chest design.

It seems certain that we will see more tattoos in the future as the Miami Heat players strive to become NBA champions in 2023. Remember to take care of your tattoos like a champion and use professional tattoo aftercare like MTS Tattoo Balm today.


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