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Manchester International Tattoo Show


The most loved and much awaited tattoo convention in the UK is almost here! It will be held next month October 29 – October 30th at Manchester Central Convention Complex! Tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts are all excited. If you’re thinking of attending the Manchester International Tattoo Show, here are some of the things to expect during this two-day affair. 

Obviously you will meet and see a lot of tattoo artists, tattoo shop owners, vendors selling tattoo supplies, clothing, and other tattoo related items. Aside from that you’ll also see a lot of tattoo enthusiasts, including those who are wanting to have their bodies as canvasses. Hundreds of tattoo artists from around the world will be there, so this event is perfect not only for those wanting to get inked but also for aspiring tattoo artists wanting to get apprenticeship. Some artists will be coming from Thailand, Turkey, Cyprus, Spain, France, Netherlands, Greece, Ireland, Belgium, Italy, Germany, South Africa, and of course the well-known tattoo artists in the UK.  

If you’re planning to get a tattoo during this two-day event, here are some tips that might come on handy. First, checkout the conventions Facebook Page and see the list of tattoo artist who will be participating in the event, though these artists will accept “walk-ups” keep in mind that thousands of people are expected to attend the event, and pre-booking is the safest option. Second, don’t be afraid to ask questions and make a conversation to make your experience worthwhile. 

If you don’t feel like getting tattooed, there are quite a lot of other activities you can do during this convention. This is your chance to meet, chat, and take a photo with your favourite tattoo artists, but make sure that you don’t bother them too much when they are doing an actual tattoo on a client. Aside from that, there will be a lot of vendors selling clothes, artworks, and other memorabilia, most of the vendors deal with cash only transactions so bring cash to avoid hassle. 

You shouldn’t worry about getting bored during the event, because aside from tattoo sessions there will be bands playing different types of music, burlesque, and some magic and freak-shows. There’s face painting, henna sessions, and tarot card reading.  

Another most awaited happening during the event is the Skin Deep Contest, where some of the highest standard tattoos will be judged. Different tattoo artists will be competing and will be judged on the mainstage based on the design, creativity, and quality of their work. The awards for this contest includes: (For Saturday) Best Oriental, Best Traditional, Best Blackwork, Best Colour, Best of Saturday, (For Sunday) Best Avante Garde, Best Black and Grey, Best Realism, Best of Sunday and Best of Convention. 

If you feel that even after participating in all the mentioned activities above are still not enough, you may join the after-show party at the REVOLUTION BAR (Deansgate) just a few minutes away from the Manchester Central Convention Complex.

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  • Matthew Nelson