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Why choose Kuro Sumi Ink?


Choosing between different tattoo ink brands can be a real brain teaser. It is one of the dilemmas most tattoo artists face, especially those buying their supplies for the first time. One brand can give you a more vibrant and bright finish, while other brands produce soft colours. The main differences among tattoo ink brands are the ingredients and measurements of these ingredients used. Finding the perfect tattoo ink can take a lot of work and research. 

One brand that's very popular, even in other countries, due to its uniqueness and superior quality is Kuro Sumi Ink. Kuro Sumi Ink is created using a secret formula that has been passed down from different generations. It is world-renowned for its outstanding outlining and shading inks, making Kuro Sumi one of the most popular ink brands used by world-class tattoo artists.

Wide range of colors

Unlike other tattoo ink brands, Kuro Sumi has a smaller colour palette. However, it remains wide enough for artists looking to produce creative and colourful designs. Kuro Sumi inks are popular for their superior outlining and shading qualities and the superb vibrancy of their hues.

Our range of black Kuro Sumi tattoo ink includes options that are designed for shading and outlining. Choose from black outline ink or grey wash shading ink, available in both black and soft options to suit your specific preferences.

Some of their famous inks include Buddha Blue, Green Apple Blossom, Fuji Lavender, Tokyo Rose Red, Pacific Blue, Midori Green, Eggplant, Geisha Grey, Tiger Skin, (and dozens more) all of which have the fluid consistency and intense colours needed for a fantastic outcome.


Kuro Sumi Ink is water-based. The colours come from traditional Japanese recipes that have a lot of unique pigments. The inks come from natural ingredients, making it safe for the skin. Kuro Sumi Ink uses ink formulas that are vegan-friendly and purely organic. The use of natural pigments and the lack of any animal products in the inks make this brand suitable for vegans.

Product Range

Just like the product’s colour palette, Kuro Sumi inks are also available in a wide variety of sets and the black and grey inks come in a range of sizes. Although the colours are meek, the ink's strength and vibrancy compensate for the lack of modern colours, which are found in the ink ranges of other brands manufactured in the US. 

Before you spend your money on any tattoo ink or equipment, it is best to ask people who have been in the industry for years, and to read online reviews.

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  • Matthew Nelson