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5 Awesome Cover Up Tattoos! | Tattoo Ink by Radiant Colors 0

In our last post, we spoke about people removing their regrettable tattoos, now I thought we would look at some people who took the alternate route of a cover up. Even people who really love tattoos can regret them, but happily, it is sometimes possible to cover up an unfavourable tattoo with a shiny new one. Sometimes, the person doesn't necessarily dislike their old tattoo it might have just not aged very well so they need it revamped a bit. Here at MTS we sell tattoo ink by Radiant Colors but we also like looking at all things tattoos, so let's take a look at what people have had done!

Tattoo's aren't 'cool' anymore? | Tattoo Aftercare Wholesale 0

I came across an article recently in The Telegraph titled 'Rethinking Ink: How Tattoos Lost their Cool' and I found myself thinking, tattoos have lost their 'cool'?! I read the article and there were just a few things in it that I disagreed with so I thought I would discuss it! As a company that sells tattoo aftercare wholesale, it's an interesting topic of discussion, whether these tattoos we spend time caring for are 'cool' or not, as the article puts it. 

An AI can tell you what kind of tattoo you have! | Tattoo Needle Suppliers 0

I came across an article on TNW about two programmers that have programmed an AI to understand different types of tattoos and I think that it is too cool!  have always been intrigued by the concept of AI's and if Elon Musk is to be believed they are the greatest threat to humanity! I don't think that we need be worried about this AI though as all it does it tell you about tattoos, so it's not too scary. Here at MTS we are a tattoo needle suppliers and we love technology so let's talk about this AI!

Tattoos on your Wedding Day? | Wholesale Tattoo Machines 0

I read an article the other day about people getting tattoos to commemorate their wedding day, which is a cute idea but it reminded me of other conversations I have had about tattoos and weddings. When I first started getting tattoos and my mum was wholly for the idea she used to say "what will they look like in a wedding dress?", so this article reminded me of that question and that's what I'm going to talk about today! As a company that sells wholesale tattoo machines we like to talk about what they are used for, so the question today is "will you regret your tattoo on your wedding day?

Love Island's Jess and Dom get Matching Tattoos | Tattoo Healing Cream 0

The popular TV show Love Island's contestants Jess and Dom have gone and got matching tattoos after knowing each other for only two months. Now, this is the kind of story that peaked my interest as I've spoken about getting your partners name on you before but what about getting a matching tattoo with your other half? Is it better or worse? Here at MTS, we sell tattoo healing cream but we also like to ask these kinds of questions so let's talk about it.

Kids Drawings as Tattoos... Cute or Crappy? | Wholesale Tattoo Ink 0

As more and more people get tattoos, there has been an increase in a number of parents who have tattoos, which is great! I've talked before about parents getting their children's names tattooed on them or perhaps a foot print or date of birth. Some parents are going one step further and they are getting artwork that their children have drawn as their tattoos! This is a really interesting idea and it seems like a really sweet way to pay tribute to your offsprings childhood, so that is what I'd like to talk about today. Here at MTS we sell wholesale tattoo ink and we love to think about how it is being put to use, so let us think about this latest idea.