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Tattoos on your Wedding Day? | Wholesale Tattoo Machines


I read an article the other day about people getting tattoos to commemorate their wedding day, which is a cute idea but it reminded me of other conversations I have had about tattoos and weddings. When I first started getting tattoos and my mum was wholly for the idea she used to say "what will they look like in a wedding dress?", so this article reminded me of that question and that's what I'm going to talk about today! As a company that sells wholesale tattoo machines we like to talk about what they are used for, so the question today is "will you regret your tattoo on your wedding day?"

Why would you regret it?

I think that the featured image on this post looks stunning tattoo and all. The idea that a tattoo will sully your look in your wedding dress somewhat comes from the ideas of purity surrounding marriage. That's quite old fashioned I know and if you are someone like me then it won't bother you if you don't look so virtuous as people would expect. However, more traditional people might think that it ruins that virtuous look, I mean we still wear white dresses, don't we? If you are hoping to look like an elegant flower on your wedding day, some tattoos, especially those in black and grey, can contribute a harsher look that might leave you feeling like you don't look as angelic as you'd like. I don't necessarily believe that this will be the case for most people in current year though.

Tattoos are a part of our culture now!

So many people have tattoos nowadays that it's most likely that a bride might have them, but we aren't really shown that in the wedding media, we are shown women in white dresses looking delicate with pure unblemished skin, but as with most media that just isn't reality. Some tattoos are beautiful, it's not all skulls and flames anymore and tattoos have the potential to enhance your look on your wedding day if you ask me!

Will you regret it then?

I think the answer to this question really comes down to how much you like tattoos. If you are passionate about tattoos then you will love the way the look whatever the day and will love showing them off on your special day. If you're not so passionate about them and wanted your wedding day to be the one day when you can feel somehow ethereal, then maybe you will feel like you don't want the dark tattoos on show in your white dress. Don't fear though, there is some great make-up out there than can cover your tattoos temporarily for this one day, so really there is no need to regret your whole tattoo for the sake of one day!

What do you think? Tattoos in a wedding dress yay or nay? Let us know in the comments! Remember if you are a tattoo artist looking for wholesale tattoo machines then that is something we here at MTS can do for you and you can find them in our store!

Love Katy...




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