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Beautiful Black and Grey Tattoos from Troy Tuck | Dynamic Triple Black Tattoo Ink


This week we're taking a look at some of the beautiful Black and Grey tattoos that our incredibly talented sponsored artist Troy Tuck has recently done. Week in and week out, Troy creates some of the smoothest black and grey work we've ever seen, and we wanted to share some of his amazing work with you. 

Since Troy began tattooing in 2010, he's always loved black and grey tattoos and loves the way they look when both fresh and healed.  There's a certain satisfaction in seeing your healed tattoos on customers weeks, months, or even years down the line, especially when they've healed well and held the ink in nicely, and Troy's healed tattoos are a real testament to his work. 

Now the owner of Embellished Ink in Poole, Troy is a self professed lover of black and grey tattoos, and has always been a massive fan of this style, especially with so many talented black and grey artists in the industry to look up to and keep him motivated to push himself even harder as an artist. Troy is really keen on trying new tattooing techniques and adjusting his style in order to better himself.  Being able to meet new artists at conventions and put himself forward for competitions is also a great way to stay motivated and immersed in the industry that he really loves being a part of. 

As a supplier of Dynamic Triple Black Tattoo Ink, we love seeing brilliant black and grey tattoos, especially when they're done by such a talented artist like Troy, so why not check out some of his incredible work?

Troy has created some really beautiful clown girl themed tattoos.  It seems to be something that his customers seek him out for, and we can totally see why! This recent clown girl piece done by Troy is insane.

A really detailed piece of a Roman style man wearing a lion headdress. Troy is no stranger to detailed realistic style pieces, and this one is brilliant. 

Another Roman style piece.  We really love the depth and textures in this tattoo, and the light on the face has been captured brilliantly. 

A gorgeous piece from Troy.  He really does know how to add plenty of depth to a realistic tattoo, making literally pop!  A wonderful piece by a talented artist. 

Lastly, this Tom Hardy tattoo is perfect!  It's a really bold and dark piece that captures Tom Hardy's likeness wonderfully.  We're sure Tom would be very pleased with this!

If you'd like to find out more about Troy and check out some more of the excellent tattoos that he's done then why not give him a follow on Instagram so you can keep up to date with his work?  Check out his page @troytucktattoo to see more!  Don't forget to check out the Dynamic Triple Black Tattoo Ink that has just landed on our website!

Love Toni

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