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MTS Blog — black and grey tattoos


Amazing Tattoos By Adam Hawkes - Buy Dynamic Black Ink Online 0

We recently welcome the incredibly talented Adam Hawkes to our team of Sponsored Artists, and we've been in constant admiration of the super smooth tattoos that he produces week in and week out.

Beautiful Realism by Simon Smith - Buy EasyTattoo Aftercare Online 0

We recently welcomed incredible tattoo artist Simon Smith to our Pro-Team, and we're ecstatic to have him on board. 

Tattooing since 2015, Simon works from and owns Signature Skin Art in Aberdeen.  He loves both colour and black and grey tattooing, but he specialises in black and grey work.  His work often has a surreal vibe to it, and we especially love the hyper realistic pieces he does. 

Sponsored Artist of the Month - Troy Tuck | Buy Black and Grey Tattoo Ink 0

Our Sponsored Artist of the Month for October goes to the incredibly talented Troy Tuck.  We're huge fans of Troy's super smooth black and grey work, and each week, we love seeing the new designs he's created, so today we wanted to share some of the eye-catching tattoos he's recently made.

Troy works from and owns Embellished Ink in Poole, and is a self professed lover of black and grey tattoos.  There are so many exceptional black and grey artists in the industry that inspire Troy, and he is constantly pushing himself as an artist, creating the phenomenal black and grey work that he does.

Brilliant Black & Grey work from Ladislav Hacel | Buy the Victor Portugal Set Online 0

This week we're taking a look at some of the incredible black and grey work done by our super talented Pro team artist Ladislav Hacel. Known for his amazing realistic work, Ladislav works from Alone in the Dark Ink in Didcot.  He's an exceptionally talented artist with a very solid work ethic which we hugely admire. 

Ladislav moved from Slovakia to the UK in 2007, and decided that he loved the idea of pursuing a career in tattooing, and he got the ball rolling by learning to tattoo, whilst working 2 other jobs in order to fund the early stages of his tattoo career.  After a few years of mastering the technical art of tattooing, Ladislav opened his own tattoo studio in Didcot, where he's worked from ever since.

Beautiful Black & Grey Religious-themed Tattoos | Radiant Shading Solution 0

If there's one tattoo trend that never seems to go out of fashion, it's religious-themed tattoos.  Religious tattoos are typically black and grey, which emphasise the sombre, amiable nature of the content, and they often come in the form of sleeves and back-pieces, and generally large-scale work to allow for the many religious elements that can be incorporated into the tattoo. 

Beautiful Black and Grey Tattoos from Troy Tuck | Dynamic Triple Black Tattoo Ink 0

This week we're taking a look at some of the beautiful Black and Grey tattoos that our insanely talented sponsored artist Troy Tuck has recently done. Week in and week out, Troy creates some of the smoothest black and grey work we've ever seen, and we wanted to share some of his amazing work with you.