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'Head-turning Head Tattoos | Best Tattoo Aftercare Online

Head tattoos are perfect for those who want maximum visibility when it comes to their tattoos.  Of all the places on the body that you can have tattooed, the head or the face is of course the most visible, and the hardest to cover up, but for most people, tattoos aren't there to be covered or hidden away!

Equally, if necessary, hats or headwear and of course certain hairstyles will do the trick, or even a bit of make up.  Head tattoos depending on the placement and hairstyle and hair colour you sport can be particularly discreet if you want them to be, which is the beauty of head tattoos. If you choose to wear your hair in a really short or shaved style, then you can proudly display your head tattoo to the world all the time.  If you don't want your head tattoo to be in complete visibility at all times, then you have the option to grow your hair to cover it as much as you want. Easy!

Many people choose to have their head tattoos covering the side of their head, and flowing on to the side of their face by the ear which is a really cool look.  This look is quite often favoured by females with long hair, and we think it looks wonderful. Other people opt for a full head coverage right over the top and the back of the head, which when viewed from above looks awesome. The general consensus is that head tattoos are extremely painful, and the constant vibrating on your skull during the tattoo process can't be a pleasant experience either, but for those who opt to get head tattoos, the pain is completely worth it given the end result. 

We've seen a tonne of incredible head tattoos recently, many in the style of traditional tattooing as it really suits that kind of look, but we've also encountered a lot of geometric style head tattoos, and neo-traditional head tats that look stunning as well!  As a stockist of Intenze Tattoo Ink, we love all things bold and head-turning, so take a look at these amazing head tattoos with us. 

A stunning black and grey religious head tattoo done by Focus Tattoos. We love this one. 
A super eye-catching traditional spider done by Doc Tattooist. 
This Jesus head tattoo is incredible.  It's probably the most eye-catching one we've ever came across. Artist unknown

A detailed black and grey gothic cathedral inspired tattoo.  The depth in this is incredible, and the positioning works really well. Artist unknown
This one is insane! A colourful crocodile piece that fits very well on the side of the head. Artist unknown
The best we've ever seen.  Done by the insanely talented Friedrich Ubler.

We hope you've enjoyed looking at these head-turning head tattoos, and althoguh they may be painful, we're sure as hell they're worth it! If you're going to be creating any painful tattoos anytime soon, then make sure you offer your clients the best tattoo aftercare to ease the healing process?  Check out our aftercare range over on our online store. 
Love Toni

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  • Antonia McLoughlin