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MTS Blog — tattoo aftercare


MTS Tattoo Balm: the ultimate post-tattoo product 0

Are you a professional tattoo artist looking for a natural tattoo product that can see you through the entire tattoo process, from start to finish? Look no further than MTS Tattoo Balm! 

Read more about the benefits of MTS Tattoo Balm here.

Bepanthen Tattoo Aftercare - Best Tattoo Aftercare Cream 0

So you've just had a new tattoo and you're probably wondering what the best tattoo aftercare product is, right?  The first few weeks after your tattoo are a crucial time in the healing process, and picking the right aftercare is important to the longevity of your tattoo.  A good tattoo aftercare cream will help to prevent against infection, moisturise the skin and encourage the skin to heal and repair itself.  So what product should you use?

The Best Tattoo Aftercare Film Available - Buy True Gent Tattoo Aftercare online 0

Tattoo Aftercare can be a bit of a minefield, especially for tattoo customers who aren't too familiar with the different brands and methods of aftercare out there.  There are so many different brands of aftercare out there, with many artists and studios advising on different methods of aftercare for their customers, it's hard to find a universal aftercare which is agreed upon by all artists. However, in the last few years, there's been a surge in popularity with 'aftercare film'.  

'Head-turning Head Tattoos | Best Tattoo Aftercare Online 0

Head tattoos are perfect for those who want maximum visibility when it comes to their tattoos.  Of all the places on the body that you can have tattooed, the head or the face is of course the most visible, and the hardest to cover up, but for most people, tattoos aren't there to be covered or hidden away! 

Yayo Guard Protective Tattoo Film, the brilliant new aftercare | YAYO Familia tattoo range 0

Many tattoo artists and tattoo customer alike are choosing a medical adhesive style dressing over the traditional balm, lotion or cream to protect their new tattoo art with.  There are of course tonnes of great tattoo aftercare products out there, and for most people it comes down to personal preference and awareness of the available products, but we’ve definitely seen a rise in popularity when it comes to covering tattoos with a protective tattoo film. 

Choosing the right Tattoo Aftercare for you and your clients 0

Choosing the right tattoo aftercare can be a bit of a challenge.  There are so many different brands out there each claiming to be the best in the business, so how do you decide which product to recommend or sell on to your customers?  Opinions on the best product to use will vary from artist to artist, so it's difficult to know which one to go for.  Whether you're a tattoo artist or a tattoo customer, choosing the right aftercare is essential.