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Summer Lovin' - A selection of sizzling summery tattoos for lovers | Intenze Tattoo Ink 1oz bottles

Summer is here, and it's the perfect season for love. The temperature is rising and this dreamy time of year is a great opportunity for evening strolls along the beach, cocktails, romantic holidays, and of course, tattoos!  With the appearance of the scorching hot weather, tattoos are out in full force, and we love seeing tattoos that have a passionate flair to them. 

At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where we stock Intenze Tattoo Ink 1oz bottles, we're huge fans of romantic tattoos, and we've whittled down some of our favourite sizzling tattoos that we think you'll really love!  Get in the mood for summer with these incredible tattoos!

First up, an insanely romantic piece from @thewaterwitch. This stunning tattoo is filled with passion as the couple lock lips and share in an embrace.

This traditional piece is stunning.  A rather intense piece - a crime of passion, done by @tattoo_sioux. 

A loving embrace.  This gorgeous tattoo was done by German Canalla. 

'Fat Bottomed Girls'.  This stunning tattoo was done by Lucy Blue, who is known for creating some really beautiful butt tattoos. 

A raunchy bondage tattoo done by the incredibly talented Benjamin Laukis, who is known for his passionate subject matter. 

Risky pic texts done by Onnie O'Leary.  We love Onnie's really unique style. 

Last but not least, another great piece done by Onnie O'Leary.  Onnie is known for his really distinctive style when it comes to colour, and the content of his tattoos often features provocative imagery. 

We're crazy about these romantic tattoos, and we can't get enough of them! They're full of passion and and the perfect pieces of art to get you in the mood for summer, and love! If you have an amorous tattoo that you'd like to show us then why not get in touch?  Leave us a comment in the box below and tell us all about your romantic tattoos.  If you're looking to create some colourful tattoos this summer then make sure you check out the Intenze Tattoo Ink 1oz Bottles range on our website. 

Love Toni

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  • Antonia McLoughlin