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MTS Blog — Japanese tattoos


The Tricky History of Tattoos in Japan 0

Tattoos have been a part of Japanese culture for centuries, with the first tattoos found on Buddhist sculptures dating back to the 6th century. Tattooing has traditionally been associated with Japan's criminal underworld, and was banned in 1872 after Emperor Meiji came into power. But as times changed, so did attitudes towards tattoos.

The Supreme Court of Japan Rules That Tattooing is No Longer Illegal | Japanese Design Books By Horimouja 0

For the first time in Japan's history - the Supreme Court of Japan has ruled that it is no longer illegal to tattoo without a medical license.  Japan's timeline of tattoos, also known as 'irezumi' has been quite turbulent, with the laws surrounding the practice of tattooing changing over the years.  Because of this, and due to certain associations with the criminal underworld, tattoos are often thought of as taboo in Japan even in the modern times. Last week saw a momentous time for tattooing in Japan after a groundbreaking ruling by the Supreme Court. 

Sponsored Artist of the Month - Col Cooper | Fusion Tattoo Ink 0

February's Sponsored Artist of the Month goes to an extremely talented artist who has been on our team from the beginning.  This month we're showing our appreciation for Col Cooper, who specialises in Japanese style tattoos. 

When we first met Col, he was working at Lord Nelson Tattoos in Chester, and last year he moved over to Gentleman George's Tattoo Parlour in the heart of Liverpool City Centre. 

Gorgeous Geisha Tattoos | Supremacy Tattoo Needles 0

Geishas are traditional Japanese female entertainers who act as hostesses, performing in Geisha houses across Japan.  These Geishas are highly educated, and trained in the arts of music, dance, and entertainment. A Geisha will often spend years learning to play various instruments or training to sing, offering skills that entertain men.  People often associate them with prostitution, but their roles are entirely different, and they are a symbol of unattainable perfection. 

The turbulent history of Japanese style tattoos | Tattoo Ink Suppliers UK 0

The traditional Japanese style of art and tattooing has been around for thousands of years, and still remains as one of the most popular and long standing tattoo styles out there today.  It’s also one of my all-time favourite tattoo styles, and at Magnum Tattoo Supplies, a Tattoo Ink Suppliers in the UK, we love all things tattoos, so I wanted to talk about this today!