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MTS Blog — negative space tattoos


Bold Blackout Tattoos | Buy Dynamic Black Tattoo Ink Online 0

You may have noticed quite a lot of people getting ‘blackout tattoos’ over the past few years. It seems to be a growing trend in the tattoo industry, and is becoming an increasingly popular method of covering up or getting rid of old unwanted tattoos, particularly sleeves. It isn’t a style that is exclusive to tattoo artists, (and you don’t even have to be blacking an old tattoo out!), but we’ve noticed it’s a popular trend amongst tattoo artists, and blackout tattoos on those who are not already heavily tattooed, or part of the tattoo community are few and far between.

Mind-blowing Negative Space Tattoos! | Suluape Black Samoan Tribal Tatau Ink from Intenze 0

Negative space in tattoos may well be literally the absence of ink, however, it's often the most effective and stunning method that can transform your tattoo,  Negative space can provide a stark contrast, especially when placed next to black ink, and it can also create optical illusions that trick the eye, making you look twice!  Most negative space tattoos rely on black tattoo ink in order to work, and we're obsessed with some of the blackwork tattoos that artists are creating at the moment, using negative space as a beautiful means to really make their work pop.