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Bold Blackout Tattoos | Buy Dynamic Black Tattoo Ink Online

You may have noticed quite a lot of people getting ‘blackout tattoos’ over the past few years. It seems to be a growing trend in the tattoo industry, and is becoming an increasingly popular method of covering up or getting rid of old unwanted tattoos, particularly sleeves. It isn’t a style that is exclusive to tattoo artists, (and you don’t even have to be blacking an old tattoo out!), but we’ve noticed it’s a popular trend amongst tattoo artists, and blackout tattoos on those who are not already heavily tattooed, or part of the tattoo community are few and far between.

Like with any kind of tattoo, big or small, it’s a commitment and it’s there for life. With blackout tattoos, there’s no going back, literally. Most tattoos can be lasered or covered, even the larger pieces, however blackout tattoos leave little scope for removal, should you ever decide that you no longer like it.  It’s worth thinking long and hard before you decide to black out your arm or leg, or anywhere else on your body for that matter.  Consult with your tattoo artist about this first, as it’s a really big decision, and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly! 

At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where you can buy Dynamic Black Tattoo Ink online, we like to stay in the know about the latest tattoo trends and styles, and we think blackout tattoos look really great! They’re not for everyone, but they can add a really cool edge to your aesthetic, and if you’ve had enough of your old sleeve then it’s the perfect way to mask it forever. 

Negative space is a beautiful feature that can be incorporated into blackout tattoos. Tattoo artists can black out the majority of the area, but leave gaps or lines blank to create a pattern or geometrical shape. Why black absolutely everything out when you can create a whole new tattoo cleverly positioned over old tattoos and unused space? It's a really beautiful way to enhance your blackout sleeve, and looks really intricate and intriguing.

Check out these bold and beautiful blackout tattoos, that feature some incredible hints of negative space!

First up, this blackout sleeve looks really sleek with some very thin lines of negative space. The flow of the lines give it a really sophisticated look.

Done by our Sponsored Artist Tony Kennedy, this  blacked out arm looks really cool, and is super bold. 

This one is such an interesting blackout piece. We love how there are different lines that fade out towards the hand, giving it a layered effect as if the thick lines are overlapping each other. Perfect! 

One of our favourites. A negative space Japanese sleeve. The space used here creates some beautiful waves, and it’s a really great use of negative spacing on a blacked out arm. 

Geometric patterns are a popular choice when it comes to negative space and blackout tattoos. The upper arm is completely black whereas the untattooed skin of the lower arm and hand has been cleverly crafted with negative space to create a wonderful geometric pattern. Amazing work! 

If you’re thinking of getting a blackout sleeve, or a blackout tattoo with some negative spacing then we'd love to see the results. If you’re a tattoo artist who has undertaken some blackout jobs then why not let us know about the experience? We'd love to know more! Don’t forget to check out the huge range of black tattoo inks over on our website where you can buy Dynamic Black Tattoo Ink online.

Love Toni

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