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MTS Blog — blackwork tattoos


Bold Blackwork Tattoos | Range of Black Tattoo Ink 0

Blackwork tattooing has soared in popularity over the years, and it's a trend we can't get enough of. The aesthetic of blackwork tattoos is really cool, and there are some extremely eye-catching monochromatic images on Instagram of black tattoos which show just how beautiful this style really is.  

Blackwork tattoos are often dark, illustrative, and graphic, and can come in the form of geometric and ornamental styles, however there are still plenty of other ways in which blackwork can be depicted.  We've seen some stunning traditional style blackwork tattoos that are made of solid black areas and black shading.

Gorgeous Geometric Tattoos from Paul Davies | Buy Black Tattoo Ink Online 0

This week we're looking at the amazing geometric tattoos done by our pro-team member, the incredibly talented Paul Davies, better known on his Instagram page as @paulokink.  

Paul started off by studying Fine Art at University, but his love for tattoos took over, with Paul falling into the art of tattooing in 2009.  He began doing hand poked tattoos in a variety of styles, then later moved on to geometric work, focusing on geometric designs, merging them with other styles he'd enjoyed in his earlier career.  Paul decided he wanted to settle down in a lovely and relaxed corner of the UK, and around 5 years ago he moved to the beautiful village of Kingsbridge, Devon, where he worked alongisde the talented Dris Donnelly.  In November 2017, Paul took over the studio and changed the name to Ragnarok because of his love of Norse mythology.  

Bold Blackwork from Tony Kennedy | Maxx Black Tattoo Ink from Eternal 0

Blackwork is a trend that has well and truly exploded over the past few years.  We've always seen black tattoos in various styles with the absence of colour, however blackwork in it's own right is a style that is taking Instagram by storm.
One artist in particular springs to mind when it comes to blackwork tattoos, and today we wanted to look at some of the incredibly bold blackwork tattoos that he produces.  We're loving the darker than dark blackwork tattoos done by our Pro Team member Tony Kennedy.  

Incredible blackwork tattoos from Josh Hurrell | Dynamic Tattoo Ink online 0

Each week, we love seeing the amazing blackwork tattoos that our incredibly talented pro team member Josh Hurrell produces. Blackwork has always been a popular style, and over the past couple of years its popularity seems to have increased even more. Whether it’s blackwork in the form of trad, neo traditional or more geometric work that you prefer, blackwork is here to stay, which is good news for fans of this tremendous style. 

Black Friday Deals and Blackwork Tattoos | Discount on Tattoo Supplies 0

This coming Friday, it’s officially the craziest shopping day of the year.  Friday the 23rd of November is ‘Black Friday'.  Each year, the last Friday of the month in November is statistically the busiest, most hectic day for shoppers across the nation.  This is because (for many people) it’s the last payday before Christmas. This may not necessarily be the case if you're a tattoo artist, but for most people, it’s the last chance to have a final splurge and bulk buy Christmas presents, stock up on Christmas food and drink, and get everything in order, just in time for Christmas day. Black Friday is also typically known for ‘Black Friday Sales’, where tonnes of stores heavily discount their products.  It's absolute chaos

Mind-blowing Negative Space Tattoos! | Suluape Black Samoan Tribal Tatau Ink from Intenze 0

Negative space in tattoos may well be literally the absence of ink, however, it's often the most effective and stunning method that can transform your tattoo,  Negative space can provide a stark contrast, especially when placed next to black ink, and it can also create optical illusions that trick the eye, making you look twice!  Most negative space tattoos rely on black tattoo ink in order to work, and we're obsessed with some of the blackwork tattoos that artists are creating at the moment, using negative space as a beautiful means to really make their work pop.