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10 Awesome Video Game Tattoos | Tattoo Ink Kits


Video games mean a lot to a lot of people, myself included. They provide us with an escape from reality and hours of enjoyment and some of us are truly committed to them! Some people are so committed to video games that they choose to get tattoos as tributes to their favourite games! Here at MTS, you can buy tattoo ink kits but you can also find lists of awesome tattoos and there are so many out there but we are going to look at ten of our favourites today, so let's jump in!


Mario is probably where most video game obsessions got started for us when we were children. I mean look at him, he's colourful, playful and lots of fun! The artist has certainly captured all this with this awesome tattoo!


Mario would be nothing without his brother and partner Luigi, I'm not sure whether he is supposed to look surprised or badass here but what ever the case I am loving the detail that the artist has achieved!


Last but not least in the Mario section of this list we have the adorable Yoshi. I love that the artist has achieved a really 3D effect with this. They have also stayed true to the script by keeping it colourful, you can keep everything colourful with our tattoo ink kits that you can find in our store!

Aku Mask

In keeping with the childhood roots here, I love this one of the Aku Mask from Crash Bandicoot, it is so colourful and detailed and it looks a little sinister, which I always found the Aku Mask to be. Pewdiepie has recently been playing Crash Bandicoot and it hit me with massive nostalgia, so I wanted to include this one!


Here we have a Legend of Zelda tattoo which is really pretty. I gotta ask though, am I the only one who spent years thinking Link was Zelda? I mean the game is called "The Legend of Zelda" and you don't play as Zelda, that's just massively confusing, right? Maybe I'm just slow!

Sonic the Hedgehog

Here we have a super colourful tribute to Sonic the Hedgehog, that is a pretty hefty chest piece right there! Who was your favourite character? Mine was Tails when I was little because he is so cute but then when I got a bit older it changed to Knuckles because I thought he was cooler, kids are fickle eh?


Ok, there are loads and loads of sick Final Fantasy tattoos out there, but I am going to be totally bias and put this one here because Vivi was just my absolute favourite ever! Not to mention this tattoo is so crisp and well done, the shading and detail in it are just incredible! Kudos to the artist for doing such a wicked job on a memorable character.

Vault Boy

There are loads of cool tattoos of Vault Boy, even though he is not a character exactly he is still instantly recognisable. I played the hell out of Fall-Out 4 though I hadn't played any of the previous games in the franchise. I thought this tattoo was really awesome of the Fall-Out mascot!

World of Warcraft

This worgen back piece from World of Warcraft is pretty epic. I haven't played since Warlords of Dreanor but I remember the hype surrounding the new race releases of worgen's and goblins and this tattoo pretty much represents that for me. Not to mention the incredible detail and artistry that has gone into executing it! 

Master Chief

I've never played Halo in my life, apologies if I have written the name incorrectly but my god I had to include this. The realism of it is staggering for me with the shine and shadow in all the right places. As I've said I have never played Halo in my life and I instantly knew who this tattoo was of. Amazing!

What do you think? Do you have any tattoos that are an ode to your favourite video game? I have a Cubone tattoo but I thought Pokémon tattoos deserved their own list! Let us know what you think in the comments. Remember if you are a tattoo artist looking for tattoo ink kits you can find them in our store! 

Love Katy...






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  • Katy Jackson