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Love Island's Jess and Dom get Matching Tattoos | Tattoo Healing Cream


The popular TV show Love Island's contestants Jess and Dom have gone and got matching tattoos after knowing each other for only two months. Now, this is the kind of story that peaked my interest as I've spoken about getting your partners name on you before but what about getting a matching tattoo with your other half? Is it better or worse? Here at MTS, we sell tattoo healing cream but we also like to ask these kinds of questions so let's talk about it.

Obviously, two months is a relatively short time to have known someone to then just dive right in with a matching tattoo! Who knows, perhaps it will work out, and if not hopefully they will still be friends! I think that getting a matching tattoo with someone is carries the same risks as I talked about with the name tattoos. The only up side is that if you really love the design it doesn't have to be a constant reminder of a love lost. Though chances are you will still be reminded of your ex every time you look at it.

Jess and Dom seem to have gone with just the initials, but it is still a pretty bold step to take after just two months. Personally, I definitely wouldn't recommend it just because the relationship is so fresh and the feels will be at their strongest but this is guaranteed to wear off after a while and that's when you really tell whether the relationship is a keeper. There is some great tattoo healing cream but there is no healing cream for a broken heart! 

I suppose that if it all does go south these tattoos can still be a reminder of their time on Love Island, as I said in my post about whether a tattoo should have meaning everyone's tattoo tells a story and it might be possible for them to rewrite the story of these matching tattoos if it doesn't work out. 

What do you think? Do you think this was a bit rash? Maybe you think it was just a publicity stunt, whatever you think let us know in the comments! Remember if you are a tattoo artist and need tattoo healing cream, we sell them in our store so be sure to check them out!

Love Katy...






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  • Katy Jackson