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Beautiful Big Ben Tattoos this New Year! | Tattoo Ink By Nocturnal UK



As New Year’s Eve approaches, I wanted to have a little look at some beautiful Big Ben tattoos.  Standing tall at the north end of the Tower of Westminster, Big Ben is one of the UK’s most famous landmarks which is especially celebrated on New Year’s Eve, when crowds of people stand to watch the spectacular firework display across the River Thames whilst listening to the Chimes of the Great Bells at midnight, ringing in the new year. 

A lot of these pieces are black and grey, given the lack of colour in Big Ben, and I think that this is quite fitting, and rather stunning.  We have a wide range of black and grey inks on our website, with one of the newest ranges being Tattoo Ink by Nocturnal UK, which is definitely worth a try if you specialise in black and grey work! 

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the most beautiful Big Ben tattoos!


A brilliant piece done by Will Salgado.  This one has quite an eerie feel to it with Big Ben standing poignant in the background. 


This one is one of my favourites - by Javier Eternalsoul.  It perfectly encapsulates the feel of Lodnon with underground logo and London Eye, and I love how intricate Big Ben is, with every last detail captured. 


I love this piece by Jonathan Mckenzie.  It's a lot more simplistic in form, but is super clean with the perfect balance of shading, really bringing Big Ben to life. 


A stunning piece from Joshua Ray Farmer.  This one also has a typical London feel to it, with a classic bus and street scene at the forefront of the tattoo.  I love how detailed it is,and how Big Ben proudly watches over the city. 


What a wonderful tattoo from Lacky tattoo!  This one has a more sinister undertone, featuring a scene from the 1800's when Jack the Ripper terrorised Whitechapel. Big Ben stands tall and fearless against the London mist.


This one is an absolute beauty from Gianluca Schiappapietra.  I love how soft the grey is, creating a picturesque scene featuring London Bridge and Big Ben.  I think it'd be great if the client carried on the piece on her lower arm with some more London themed work!


If you've created a Big Ben tattoo, or a London themed tattoo that you absolutely love then we'd really like to see it!  We're always really pleased when you guys tag us in your work, and really enjoy seeing the pieces that you make using our supplies!  Don't forget to check out Tattoo Ink By Nocturnal UK, as it's brought to you from the Franco Vescovi of Bishop Rotary, and Jack Rudy from Eternal Ink, who've combined forces to create the perfect blend of black and grey tattoo ink with the fluidity of drawing ink, formulated for tattooing. 

Whatever you do this New Year's Eve, I hope you have a great one!  Thanks to all our customers from 2017, see you next year! 


Love Toni...



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