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Beautiful Butterfly Tattoos | Eternal Top 25 Set

Butterfly tattoos are extremely popular.  They can be really feminine and intricate, with lots of females getting this type of design, or they can also be made in a bold and traditional style in muted colours, taking the feminine edge off.  Some people get butterfly tattoos to represent a transformation in their lives, with the symbolic evolution from the caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly, and other people just really like the look of them!  The classic Sailor Jerry style butterfly tattoo is particularly popular, with lots of variations of this classic piece floating around.

With butterfly tattoos, the styles and colour combinations are endless, and we think these creatures are extremely beautiful. Especially in the form of tattoos! At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where we stock the Eternal Top 25 Colour Set, we love any form of tattoo, particularly where there’s lots of colour involved. Why not check out these beautiful butterfly tattoos with us?

First up,  a bright and beautiful Pride themed butterfly done by Robert Euan. The rainbow style colours in this are simply stunning. 

A pair of simple blackwork style butterflies done by Ruben Rodrigues. Although sometimes colour can sometimes be an obvious choice for butterfly tattoos, it’s lovely to see some black tattoos as well.

Emde Marek Donocik made this gorgeous sketch style butterfly. We love how he’s stuck to the classic colours of a common butterfly, but has added his own unique style into the tattoo. 

A really traditional style tattoo of a butterfly surrounded by a spiderweb style mandala. Old school butterflies are simple yet stunning, and we really love this one done by David Gostino. 

Dan Bythewood created this stunning neo traditional style butterfly. It’s super-clean and the angle it’s sat at is really cool. 

Another amazing traditional butterfly, done by Tierno bcn. The muted colours in this look lovely.

Last but not least, a magnificent tattoo of a butterfly sat on top of a skull. This realistic piece is incredible.

We'd love to see more butterfly tattoos, especially in different styles so if you’ve created one in a style that we haven’t already featured then why not get in touch? Leave us a comment in the box below. Don’t forget, if you’re a colour tattooer and need some new inks, then check out the Eternal Top 25 Set over on our website!

Love Toni 

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